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Noise Pollution – Repeated exposure to loud noises can cause hearing loss. The 3 most common sources of noise pollution are (a) working in noisy environments like pubs, discs or places of worship, (b) continuous exposure to loud music and noisy gadgets and (c) overuse of headphones while listening or talking on the cell phones.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss – Such hearing loss occurs if the sensitive hair cells inside the Cochlea are damaged. It can be caused by (a) genetic hearing loss, (b) viral infections of the inner ear or the auditory nerve and (c) meningitis, encephalitis, stroke or multiple sclerosis.

Conductive Hearing Loss – Can be caused due to a blockage in the ear such as (a) excessive ear wax, (b) perforated ear drum and (c) otosclerosis or (d) cholesteatoma.

Acoustic Trauma – Hearing loss can also occur suddenly sue to an exceptionally loud noise such as an explosion or somebody shouting in the ears.

Physical Trauma – Any trauma your ear suffers like getting slapped or being bandaged accidentally may damage your eardrums leading to hearing loss.