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At Hearing Plus, we understand that hearing is one of the most essential functions without which the body is incomplete. We recognize the value of hearing and thus aim to provide electronic support and medical advice to people who are suffering from any kind of hearing difficulties or problems.

The damage of the inner ear or cochlea is a common phenomenon that is seen among children as well as among elders. Although this was something untreatable in the early days but in the modern times it can be treated efficiently. The function of this part of the body is to provide sound signals to the brain, in the absence of this, it becomes difficult and nearly impossible for the brains to get the signals.

We offer you some finest cochlear implant that is an electronic medical device that nearly serves the functions of the damaged inner ear. Understanding the requirements and the needs of the people, this demand is developed by us in a way to bypass the damaged hair cells of the inner ear and to help the brain receive the strong and sound signals of the brain. We enable our patients to improve their ability to hear and to gain the best of the service that enables to woo the clients and help the people to get proper signals sent to their brains.

We house experts from the industry, who have in-depth and excellent knowledge of the industry and who guides the patients in the right direction, keeping in mind their requirements and needs. Our device is available for all people who:

  • Moderate to profound hearing loss in one or both ears
  • Gain less or no benefit from hearing aids
  • Scores less than 50% in recognizing a sentence test done by hearing aid professionals in the implanted ear
  • Score 60% or more in the sentence recognizing test done by hearing aid professionals in the non-implanted ear or both ears