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Freedom from the Shackles of Hearing Loss!

Gone are the days when you used to box yourself up in that small corner of your room, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life! It’s time to break away from the shackles of hearing loss. It’s time to be free!

In being independent lies the roots of responsibility. Are you responsible enough to take care of your near and dear ones and gift them the joy of hearing? If you gift one hearing aid machine, we take responsibility to gift the second one. Because we care and our duty is to ensure a better hearing for you.

Freedom from High Prices!

This Independence Day, get a free 7-day hearing aid trial and a special price on digital hearing aids. Get exciting offers on hearing aids price without having to compromise on the quality of the hearing aid machine.

Having a budget shortfall? We won’t let you suffer due to a high hearing machine price! Avail our easy no-cost EMI options and never feel missed out from the beautiful world of sounds. What’s more! We have hassle-free exchange offers for you. This Independence Day, you can hear too!

Freedom to Choose!

This Independence Day, celebrate the Joy of Hearing by choosing from a wide variety of advanced and latest digital hearing aids. We let you choose freely from a range of different hearing aids types from the top International brands -


  • BTE or Behind-the-Ear

  • RIC or Receiver-in-the-Canal

  • ITE or In-the-Ear

  • ITC or In-the-Canal

  • CIC or Completely-in-the-Canal

  • IIC or Invisible-in-the-Canal

You choose an ear machine and leave the rest upon us!

Freedom to Decide After Getting Expert Consultation!

Not sure whether you have hearing loss or whether you will benefit from hearing aids? Get hold of our accurate hearing test and free hearing aid trial option before it’s gone! This Independence Day, we bring for you the opportunity to diagnose your hearing and learn whether if you are suffering from hearing loss, and if yes, then which type and degree is it. Grab this golden opportunity of our 7-day free hearing aid trial to learn which hearing aid machine would suit you the best or if at all hearing aids are beneficial for you. Get expert and professional advice from our certified Audiologists and discuss what’s best for you. We let you decide freely and make the best decision depending on the test results and the outcomes of the ear machine you have chosen on the guidance of a trained Audiologist.

What’s Special this Independence Day?


  • Hearing Test with accurate results from our expert and professional Audiologists

  • Try our hearing aids for 7 days without paying a penny!

We dedicate this Independence Day for you! Our sole motto is to ensure a better quality of life to the hearing and speech impaired population in India.

Hear Well, Hear Freely!