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Hearing Aids

  1. The use of hearing aids cannot restore or improve hearing ability
  2. The use of a hearing aid requires recommendation from an audiologist or hearing healthcare professional
  3. When the hearing loss is profound and hearing threshold is above 130 dB, special care should be taken before buying and while using a hearing aid
  4. If any allergic reaction (itching, soreness, redness, burning sensation or inflammation in the ear) is experienced, contact your audiologist/ hearing healthcare professional/ physician immediately
  5. After the removal of a hearing aid, if any parts of it still remain in the ear canal, contact your physician immediately
  6. It is recommended not to use a hearing aid in explosion hazard places
  7. The hearing aid should be removed before any electromagnetic procedure like the CT scan or MRI scan


Hearing Aid Batteries

The battery life is as per the standard usage and condition. It might vary depending upon the following parameters:

  1. Type of hearing aid: Based on the specific type of the hearing aid, battery life may vary, as the battery consumption of each device is different
  2. Usage: Depending upon the daily time span of usage, the battery life might vary

 To increase the battery life of hearing aids, follow the instructions below:

  • Always use the correct size and type of battery recommended by the manufacturer of the hearing aid or audiologist
  • To keep the battery contact surfaces clean, wipe them using a pencil eraser or a dry cotton cloth
  • Always remove the battery from hearing aid, when not in use for long
  • Store the batteries in a dry place at normal room temperature. Putting a battery-powered device in extreme cold or warm places can damage the battery
  • Always remove the battery from the device when it is being powered or charged
  • Always check the plus (+) and minus (-) sign and accordingly insert batteries into the device. Hearing aids using more than three batteries might start responding even if one battery is inserted in incorrect alignment
  • Never try to recharge a battery if it is not mentioned as “rechargeable”
  • Rapid or sudden changes in moisture can and often will affect battery life
  • If temperature is reduced, hearing aid battery voltage gets lowered and reaches functional end point earlier, reducing its battery life

If altitude increases, the percentage of oxygen level in the air is reduced, lowering the hearing aid battery voltage. As a result, it advances the battery to reach the endpoint earlier, reducing battery life