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• Specialized setup with dedicated professionals – Hearing Plus has over 60+ Audiologists and Speech Therapists working in its specialized setup. In India, it is compulsory for all audiologists to have a four year B.A.S.L.P degree certified by the Rehabilitation Council of India. The professionals at Hearing are armed with this degree, and in addition, most of them have a two years Master’s degree, making them eminently qualified to handle speech and hearing issues and rehabilitation needs.

•  State – of – the art  infrastructure for diagnostics and treatment – The clinics offer tests for hearing (including Tympanometry, Pure Tone Audiometry, Speech In Noise Testing, Speech Discrimination Tests, Otoacoustic Emissions Testing etc.) and balance.

• Flexible payment option – Clients have a choice of EMI’s – 3,6 or 9 installments – placing quality hearing aids more within reach of a wider cross – section of people.

•  450+ skilled and dedicated staff for support and services – Dedicated departments for different aspects of rehabilitation including separate Quality Control and After Sales departments.

• After sales service – We provide after sales service at home.

• Special facilities for Senior Citizens – Special discount for senior citizens plus at – home service (including hearing aid fitting, selection, battery replacement etc.) for the elderly who are unable to venture outside.

• Clinics across West Bengal and beyond – Hearing Plus features Eastern India’s most extensive chain of dedicated clinics – at present 45 Clinics spread across Kolkata, Salt Lake, Howrah, Hoogly, Siliguri, Bhubaneswar, Odisha and Guwahati with plans to spread wider in other parts of India.

• 360 degree hearing solutions – Hearing Plus provides a wide range of interventions for the hearing and speech disabled, including hearing aids, Cochlear implants, devices for assistive hearing and speech therapy.

• Scientific hearing aid trial – Every hearing aid selection is accompanied by a scientific trial. The trial is done with 3 – 4 top branded hearing aids in the audiology lab, keeping in mind the hearing needs and lifestyle standards of the client.

• Retailer of top branded hearing devices – Top quality hearing aids from international brands like Resound, Unitron, Phonak, Oticon, Vista, Audifon, Sonic, Rexton, Coselgi, Widex, and Siemens etc. assure clients of latest technology, warranty and an enduring value addition to their lives.