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Hearing Aids

Hearing Plus provides diferent types of Hearing Aids, including the latest Digital Hearing Aids, Invisible Hearing Aids (IIC) and the most popular Behind The Ear, In The Canal, In The Ear, Completely in the Canal Hearing Aids,


  • Hearing Aid trial & fitting
  • Hearing Test
  • EMI Facility
  • International Brands & Type of Hearing Aid
  • Detection & Diagnosis of Hearing Loss

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Providing the best audiological services and offering a wide range of hearing aids from International brands, Hearing Plus ensures affordable Hearing Aid prices.

Type of Hearing Aids

  • iic

    Invisible in the Canal

  • ctc

    Complete in the Canal

  • itc

    In the Canal

  • ite

    In The Ear

  • ric

    Receiver in Canal

  • bte

    Behind the Ear

Hearing aids or hearing machine or ear machine as they are popularly known as are small battery driven electronic devices that helps an individual with hearing loss to hear. It amplifies the incoming sound so that a person with hearing loss can hear properly and participate fully in his daily chores. Thus, it improves the person’s quality of life.

It's surprising to know that one out of five persons who would benefit from hearing aids actually uses one. Hearing Plus’s audiologists aims at giving the joy of hearing to the person with hearing impairment by helping them find out the best digital hearing aid with latest technology. All hearing aids ranging from the basic ones to the advanced will have the following components a microphone, an amplifier and a speaker.

Based on technology hearing aids can be classified as analog and digital.Hearing aid price depends on the advanced digital technology and the better quality sound it has in them which aims at improving the person's listening experience. The digital hearing machines have advanced signal processing technology, noise reduction circuits, data logging. They can be programmed as per the user’s listening environment.

Based on the design, good hearing aids can be classified as – behind the ear (BTE), in the ear (ITE) and canal hearing aids. Canal hearing aids are good in terms of look and feel and are of three types in the canal (ITC), completely in the canal (CIC) and invisible in the canal (IIC) hearing aids.

Behind the ear digital hearing aids suits best for mild to profound degree of hearing loss whereas ITE, CIC and IIC’s can suit best for people with mild to severe degree of hearing loss.

The next discussion is “which hearing aid is the best to use?”. Team Hearing Plus will help you select the perfect hearing aid for you. Usually you need to visit an Audiologist - the professional person who usually identifies and measures the degree of hearing loss. After ascertaining the degree and type of hearing loss he then chooses the right hearing aid for you based on your degree of hearing loss and your listening requirement.

Often digital hearing aids require regular programming based on your listening experience to optimise to its peak performance.

So, once you or any of your family members are diagnosed with hearing loss you can contact our professional audiologist for a consultation and he based on his technical experience and knowledge will help you find your ideal hearing machine for you to enjoy the joy of hearing.

If you are worried about the hearing aid price, Hearing Plus is always there to help you. We are offering Flat 25% off on digital hearing aids.Please contact our helpline which is always at your service at 8100035000 to know more on latest digital hearing aids, accurate hearing tests and hearing machine related affordable offers.Also check our best reviews that our patients have given highlighting the quality of our service and improving their quality of life.

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