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Hearing Aids Center in Delhi

At Our Centre :

Wonderful Assistance For Elderly

Painless Hearing Analysis

Thorough Analysis & Examinations

Specialists Appointment

Consultation With Experienced Professionals

Hearing Aid Usage Training

Unhindered Lifetime Assistance

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Hearing Plus is owned by Bengal Speech & Hearing Private Limited and is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. This organization provides quality and high-class services to the individuals who suffer from speech and hearing impairment issues. Resolving all speech and hearing issues, the clinic renders 360-degree solutions for which it promises to help the individuals to enhance their everyday life excellently. The professional audiologists and speech-language therapists are known for their unrivaled services and quality assistance. The clinic ensures that the individuals get comprehensive services which hearing aid trial, fitting, cochlear implantation, auditory verbal therapy or speech therapy, according to their need and requirement.

10 Reason To Choose Hearing Plus

Care That You Deserve             Flexible EMI Option

Detailed Testing                        Special Exchange Option

Lifetime Assistance*                 Excellent Assistance For Senior Citizens

Affordable Price                        Extended Warranty*

Loaner Facility Available           Battery Club Membership

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