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This Independence Day, don’t miss out on the beautiful rhythm of the national anthem. As the flag goes higher, so does your hearing experience. Be tuned with the tricolour and feel the melodies of ‘Jana Gana Mana’.

Get flat 40% off on every purchase of hearing aid machine this Independence Day! It’s time to break the shackles that hearing loss creates. It’s time to be free!

No More High Prices!

This Independence Day, get a flawless hearing test and a free hearing aid trial. And what's more, we have a special price on digital hearing aids. Get exciting offers on hearing aids price without worrying about the budget and without compromising on the quality of the hearing aid machine. We ensure that you get maximum satisfaction and at the same time enjoy this wonderful hearing world that you have been missing out for so many days. Because a world without sounds is meaningless.


No More Budget Shortfall!

Here is your golden chance to put a stop to paying a high hearing machine price! Avail our easy no-cost EMI facility and never feel missed out from the beautiful world of sounds. What’s more! We have hassle-free exchange offers for you and home visit facilities for senior citizens. This Independence Day, we won't let you feel left out!

Freedom of Choice!

On this National Independence Day, celebrate the Joy of Hearing by choosing from a wide variety of advanced digital hearing aids from the top International brands. Choose freely from one of the following different hearing aids types -

  • - BTE or Behind-the-Ear

  • - RIC or Receiver-in-the-Canal

  • - ITE or In-the-Ear

  • - ITC or In-the-Canal

  • - CIC or Completely-in-the-Canal

  • - IIC or Invisible-in-the-Canal

Your lifestyle defines your own choices!


Make the Decision Freely!

Not sure whether you have hearing loss or whether you will benefit from hearing aids, or which hearing loss treatment option would be the best for your hearing health? Discuss your hearing problems with our Audiologists and get expert advice. With our accurate hearing test and free hearing aid trial offer, you will get to learn your type and degree of your hearing loss (if at all you are suffering from one) and which hearing aid machine would suit you the best. You can also utilise this wonderful opportunity to learn whether you will be benefitted with hearing aids or with some other hearing loss treatment, such as cochlear implants. With the help of expert consultation and advice from our professional Audiologists, you are free to choose and make the best decision depending on the test results and your lifestyle choices.


What Makes Us Special?

  • - Get Hearing test with accurate and flawless results from our expert and professional Audiologists

  • - Try our hearing aids without paying anything!

Our dedicated team works together efficiently to ensure a better hearing and a better quality of life for you.

Hear Well, Live Freely!