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Batteries are essential and the most important accessories of a hearing aid. Just as you need to take care of your hearing aid machine, you need to take great care of your hearing aid batteries as well. A fresh hearing aids battery will keep your device going for long, thus sparing you from worrying about its breakdowns!

Types of Hearing Aid Batteries

There are four types of hearing batteries which are coded with a number and a colour. Consult your Audiologist and your product manual to check which battery type would be suitable for your device. Let us have a look at them at the table below -

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Tips to Increase the Shelf Life of Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Here are some care and maintenance tips for your delicate hearing aid batteries that will help increase their longevity -

Avoid moisture from entering your device - it is the biggest enemy of your hearing aids. Store your device and your hearing batteries in a cool dry place - when you are not using your machine. The best place to store the hearing machine and the hearing aids battery is the box that is provided with your product.

Prevent dropping your device in water. Even though most of the modern digital hearing aids are water resistant, it is still recommended that you take your ear machine off while taking a shower or participating in some water sports. However, if you accidentally drop your hearing aids in water, immediately take off the battery of hearing aids and dry them with a soft towel. Keep the battery compartment of the device open and the store batteries in a completely dry and safe place - such as in the hearing aid box.

Never use old or weak batteries. Also replace dead hearing batteries immediately, as they produce highly toxic chemicals - which might ruin your device and reduce its longevity.

The extremes of temperatures - both hot and cold - are harmful for your hearing batteries. To increase its shelf life, avoid storing battery of hearing aids in the refrigerator or near a source of heat.

Don’t break open the seal (the plastic tab) of the hearing aids battery until you are ready to use it. The plastic tab keeps the batteries fresh. Once you take it off, the battery gets activated. This will make the battery start losing its power, thus making them get exhausted soon, even if you don’t use them.

It is recommended that it is better to wait for 5 minutes after removing the label or the plastic tab of a new battery, and before placing it in the hearing device. According to research studies, this increases the battery life by upto 2-3 days. It is because most modern digital hearing aids use zinc air batteries which get activated after coming in contact with free air oxygen.

Wash your hands and dry them before replacing your hearing aids battery. Otherwise the grease and dirt in your hands might be transferred into the batteries, which would decrease their shelf-life.

Keep the battery compartment open at night, or whenever you are not using your hearing aids. This will help any trapped moisture to escape from the device.

Use a hearing aid dehumidifier to protect both your hearing aid device and its batteries.

Schedule routine cleanings of your device. Scheduling device cleaning sessions with your Audiologist every 4-6 months is a good idea. This will keep your hearing aids going for long!

So take care of your hearing aid batteries and experience the joy of hearing like never before!