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Become a Part of the Award Winning Hearing Aid Company!

The next hearing aid franchise can be yours! Be a part of the award-winning hearing aid company! Take a step forward on the success ladder with our wonderful franchise opportunities that we have brought just for you. Get this wonderful opportunity of being a part of the best profitable franchise in India, and grab the chance to work with professionals and trained Audiologists.

Who are We?

Hearing Plus is an organisation that provides services to individuals suffering from some kind of hearing or speech impairment. Our organisation is run wholly and solely by professional Audiologists, trained to diagnose and treat the hearing and speech impaired individuals. Our sole motto is to serve that 25% of the total disabled population of India who is suffering from speech and hearing impairment.

Advantages of Owning a Hearing Plus Franchise

We believe in the concept of ‘We’ rather than ‘I’. We believe in collaborative teamwork, that works in harmonious coordination with each other.

We are dedicated to serving our clients better. We have over 4 lakh satisfied clients, and over 40+ centres pan India. With client satisfaction being our utmost concern, we have separate departments for patient care and quality control. This ensures seamless and uninterrupted support and services for our clients.

Here is your opportunity to work in an ever-growing hearing healthcare sector with our new franchise opportunity. Get a chance to experience an impressive growth potential like never before with our efficient and impressive business models. Our client handling concept is centred around ensuring the maximised efficiency and convenience. What’s more, we are offering the best low-cost franchises in India to help you keep away from budget issues.

Work with only the trained professionals and enhance your skills. Grab the opportunity to discuss new projects and implement your innovative ideas, because we value you and your views. So this is the chance to grow with us and to help us achieve prosperity. Let’s make it one of the best franchises together and make it list among the top 50 franchise in India.

Enjoy being a part of the best brand, and with our specialisation in rehabilitative services including hearing aid trial and fitting, hearing aid reprogramming, auditory verbal therapy, speech therapy, and cochlear implantation, learn great things and experience potential growth and success like never before.

Why Us?

  • Get hassle-free ways to get the profit that will help your money grow

  • No prior business experience required

  • Higher Success Rates that any other start-up businesses

  • Get a chance to incorporate and implement your innovative ideas

  • Grow and enhance your skills by working with trained professionals

Visit your nearest hearing clinic, and our Audiologists will match the best hearing aid price for you!

Just drop us your requirements and queries, along with your contact details, and we will reach you immediately. Because we care for you!

Hearing Plus reserves the right to change, add, suspend, cancel, remove or otherwise modify the services offered on this website at any time without prior notice.