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It’s time to upgrade your hearing aids this summer! Summertime means sunny days and you have to spend a lot of time outside. Yes, it is quite tiresome and you end up being exhausted after you turn up home. While you are busy throughout your day, you often forget to take care of your ear machine. But this hot and humid weather (and a lot of sweat too!) can be harmful to your hearing aids.

It is during the summertime that your hearing machine is exposed to too much moisture and heat which can damage your device. It’s very difficult, though, to stay away from sweat and this prickly heat, yet you need to take care that your device is not affected.

Nowadays, you can avail the advanced water-resistant digital hearing aids which can protect your device against the sweat and moisture. However, you also need to follow certain tips to safeguard your hearing aids during this extreme weather - like opening the battery doors at night to let go of any trapped moisture and heat, or to use protective covers for storing your digital hearing aids and keeping them away from the direct heat or sunlight.

We have a very special offer for you this Summer! Buy 1 hearing aid, and get another one absolutely free! Also, grab our easy EMI facilities and we assure you to provide you with the best hearing aids price.

Choose from a wide variety of smart and updated digital hearing aids from the top International brands. We would perform a test and trial before you purchase hearing aids with a variety of devices ranging from BTE (Behind-the-ear), RIC (Receiver-in-canal), ITE (In-the-ear), ITC (In-the-canal), IIC (Invisible-in-the-canal) and CIC (Completely-in-the-canal).

Looking for advanced hearing aids in Delhi, stylish hearing aids in Mumbai or cheap hearing aids in Kolkata? Visit your nearest Hearing Plus hearing aid centre in India. We have professionals and skilled Audiologists who will guide you throughout - even after you take your valuable ear hearing machine home. They would also match the best hearing machine price based on your lifestyle choices and personal requirements.

This summer should be joyful, not stressful!



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  • 1. Home visit is chargeable
  • 2. Offer valid till 5th January 2019 for online customers
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