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Why Should You Buy Hearing Aids?

Because you need to hear well! Even if you think that you are able to hear, you may actually have a hearing loss which often goes unnoticed. While you may be able to hear out someone calling your name or giving you a short command, you may miss out the natural sounds of the environment such as the rustling of the leaves, or the chirping of the birds, or even have difficulties listening to your favourite music. The fact is you really need to hear out every little sound, however unimportant it might seem. Every sound is food for your brain and, therefore, it needs to receive every sound stimulus to stay active and functional.

How Do I Know I Have Hearing Loss?

There are certain early signs of hearing loss. Find them as below -

Do you frequently turn up the TV/radio volume higher than the usual which is often very irritating for your other family members?

Do you often have difficulties focussing on what people are saying in group discussions or in a very noisy environment?

Do you think people are mumbling?

Do speech or other sounds often appear muffling?

Do you often ask people to repeat themselves?

Do you often ignore the phone calls?

If your answer was a ‘Yes’ to most of the above questions, then it’s high time you need to be serious about your hearing loss now!

Can Hearing Aids Improve My Hearing?

Although there is a success rate of 91% among those who buy hearing aids, still it depends upon the type of hearing loss you are suffering from. The three main types of hearing loss are briefly explained as below -

 Conductive hearing loss which occurs due to problems in the outer and/or the middle ear.

Sensorineural hearing loss which is caused due to problems in the inner ear, mainly the cochlea - the main organ responsible for hearing.

Mixed hearing loss occurs when there are problems in both the above counterparts, that is when there are problems in both the outer and/or the middle ear, and the inner ear.

To know which type of hearing loss you are suffering from, you need to perform a hearing diagnostic test like an Audiometry or a Tympanometry test done by a licensed and trained Audiologist from a recognised hearing clinic.

Today’s hearing aids are designed and packed with advanced features to enhance your hearing and to provide you with a higher level of hearing satisfaction than people used to experience before. You will be happy to know that today about 90% of hearing aid users recommend ear machine to their friends or family members.

Types of Hearing Aids

We deal with quality ear machine from the top International brands ranging from a wide variety of sizes and styles. Before providing you with any particular device, our Audiologists would do a thorough hearing test and then do a trial with a variety of hearing machine to test your response with each and to check which device suits you the best.

 The various hearing aids types you would get are listed as follows -

BTE or Behind-the-Ear

Power BTE

RIC or Receiver-in-the-Canal

ITE or In-the-Ear

ITC or In-the-Canal

CIC or Completely-in-the-Canal

IIC or Invisible-in-the-Canal

What Should I Look for While Buying Hearing Aids?

Most audiologists would suggest you choose digital hearing aids or even semi-digital hearing aids over analogue devices as they provide better results and improved outcomes. Also, choosing a hearing aid depends on your lifestyle and your budget. For example, a traveller or an athlete would require a smaller device that would remain hidden inside your ear canals such as the CIC or IIC, while a person who spends most of the time sitting in their room watching the television or listening to the radio would do quite well with a BTE or a RIC.

Find the Right Hearing Aid that Suits Your Needs

Get the best quality digital hearing aids from your nearest Hearing Plus hearing aid clinic. If you are worried about your budget, we are there to help you enjoy hearing with the best quality digital hearing aids.Buy one hearing aid and get 60% off on the 2nd hearing aid and get the best hearing machine price in India. Also, avail special offers and facilities on every purchase of ear machine. We also have easy EMI options for you.

Our Audiologists are there for you not only at the time of choosing the right hearing aids, but also afterward in the follow-up sessions of hearing aid reprogramming and/or auditory-verbal therapy (AVT). they would match the best hearing aids price with your budget and personal choices so that you can experience the Joy of Hearing like never before and live a better quality of life. Because we care for you and client satisfaction is our sole motto.

So now it’s time to Pay Less and Hear Better!