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Missing out the beautiful moments of life?

Why fall prey to hearing loss, and not try to fight it? It’s high time that you must realise that hearing loss is your ENEMY!

If you leave your hearing loss problems untreated, it will grow adverse! And worse still, it might come up with many more health complications - it may cause depression which may lead to Dementia.

So take an action now! You don’t want to miss those wonderful memories you used to share with your near and dear ones, do you?

Choose and try out from our wide range of smart and advanced digital hearing aids in Kolkata from top International brands. Be it mild hearing loss, or severe to profound hearing loss, we have solution for all! Our hearing aids range from the BTE (Behind-the-Ear), the mini-BTE, the RITE/RIE (Receiver-in-the-Ear), the ITE (In-the-Ear), the ITC (In-the-Canal), the CIC (Completely-in-the-Canal), to the IIC (Invisible-in-Canal). Better still, we offer a 7-day free trial period in which you can check your response level and your comfort in using the particular device.

Avail amazing offers on every purchase of hearing machine. We assure you that we will try to provide you the best hearing aid price along with expert consultation from our certified Audiologists at your nearest hearing aid clinic of Hearing Plus. Senior citizens can now feel the ‘Joy of Hearing’ with our hassle-free home service and pick-and-drop facilities.

Worried about budget? Don’t be! We are here with our easy no-cost EMI options. Not only that - we have exciting cashback offers on Paytm, along with discount coupons and easy exchange offers on every purchase. Our RCI certified and professional Audiologists will do a thorough hearing test, followed by a methodical hearing aid trial and fitting, and then will match the best ear machine for you depending upon your hearing needs.

Also, you can find 70+ certified Audiologists all over India, who will take care of your hearing health and guide you throughout - even after you have opted for a hearing aid! So if you ask, ‘Where can I find the best hearing aid centre near me?’, your SEARCH STOPS HERE!

So let your near and dear ones enjoy the wonderful World of Sounds and make them live their life freely!

Just drop us your requirements and contact details to get the best hearing machine price, and we will reach you on an immediate basis!