Gone are those days when hearing aids were considered to be bulgy and unsightly; the reason for most of the people not wanting to wear them. Today, you have hearing aids that can amp-up your fashion quotient. Whether you wish to show them off or hide them depends upon your style. You have a plenty of options in hearing aid design, from the trendy ones to the invisible ones. Here are some of the most striking designs that you are surely going to to fall in love with.


1. Go With the Trend: Hearing aids can be worn to raise a fashion statement! Keeping the youngsters in mind, a range of hearing aids is now available in trendy prints and bright solid colours. One can choose from mesmerising designs like leopard prints, geometric patterns or cool neon shades. The collection is huge and one can get them customised too!


2. Keep it Simple: Instead of going for the typical BTE hearing aids, one can choose from the in-the-ear or in-the-canal hearing aids. These aids are mostly painted in beige hue so that these can blend well to the skin tone. These hearing aids are apparently less visible than the conventional BTE aids and yet can make the user feel absolutely comfortable while wearing them for the entire day.


3. Studded Hearing Aids: Hearing aids can be worn like a piece of jewellery! These advanced hearing aids are studded with Swarovski crystals and one can confuse them with a piece of earring. This exclusive range of hearing aids is technologically advanced too and comes with multiple attractive features.



4. Invisible Hearing Aids: The latest technological advances in hearing aids have made it possible for one to completely hide the device inside the ear canal. These in-the-ear hearing aids are absolutely tiny and discreet. Packed with boundless features, these IIC hearing aids have made the other styles of hearing aids almost obsolete.


5. Designs For Children: There are adorable designs in hearing aids for your little one too! Nowadays, paediatric BTE hearing aids are available in floral designs, animal shapes and cartoon theme. Wearing them behind the ears looks like hair pins worn just above the ears. Your little one will no more dislike wearing a hearing aid as these will match their fashion and mood.