With great advancement in technology, hearing aids have evolved from the analog ones to the high-end digital devices. Apart from adding to one’s style and comfort, the digital hearing aids provide superior features, allowing the user to participate in all activities and stay updated all the time. Here are some of the best features provided by the digital hearing aids, which the outdated analog hearing aids missed to include. Scroll on to know the benefits of these hearing aids.

1. Programming & Fine Tuning: The digital hearing aids can be programmed by the hearing specialist according to the user’s hearing requirements and preference. With the setting option, the user can easily change the sound pattern in different listening environments. Moreover, the fine-tuning feature lets the specialist adjust and fine-tune the device according to the degree of one’s hearing loss, which varies from individual to individual.

2. Speech Enhancement: This amazing feature improves the speech comprehension of the hearing aid user by enhancing speech sounds and eliminating the background noise. As a result, the user can hear each word properly with pristine clarity. Participating in group conversations become easier and more comfortable.

3. Feedback Cancellation: Often the analog hearing aid users complain about the sound feedback as one of the drawbacks of these devices. In digital hearing aids, feedback cancellation is a feature that reduces the sound feedback. It makes the listening experience a comfortable one, allowing the user to wear the device for long hours without feeling uneasy.

4. Directional Microphone: Sound localization is an important aspect of hearing, which is implemented via directional microphone in the digital hearing aids. This feature lets the user locate the direction of sounds in noisy environments. Hence, when standing in a crowd where sounds are coming from multiple direction, the user can easily focus on the source of speech.

5. Wireless Connectivity: Digital hearing aids are so advanced these days that the user can listen to their audio/audio-visual devices directly from the hearing aid. The digital hearing aids featuring wireless connectivity allow the user to connect to other bluetooth enabled devices such as television, computer, mobile phone, CD player, radio etc.

6. Discreet Design: There are several styles in digital hearing aids like RIC (receiver in canal), ITC (in the canal), CIC (completely in canal) & IIC (invisible in canal), which are discreet in size and almost invisible in appearance. With various designs, there are colour options too.