You are extremely mesmerised by the advancements hearing devices are making and you have planned to buy digital hearing aids. Because these are the hearing aids you need so badly! You feel that the technologies found in these digital hearing aids are just for you!

Of course, hearing aids are primarily meant for amplifying sounds, but the technological boom in the past few decades have also found their way into listening devices as well, which made many other features to be incorporated into them. Many hearing aid manufacturing companies offer multiple features which are designed to cater to your personal needs according to your lifestyle choices. But there are certain features which you must look for while buying digital hearing aids. While the previous analog devices amplified all the sounds without differentiating between what’s really necessary and what’s not, the digital hearing aids of this generation are built only to make your life easier and simpler - with a more comfortable hearing experience.

Do make it a point to discuss your lifestyle choices with your Audiologist while buying digital hearing aids and leave the rest upon him to decide which device would suit you the best - based on both your hearing abilities and personal requirements. Check out for these must-have features in the device you would plan to buy -

  • Multi-channel - Digital hearing aids have the option of multi-channels. Channels in hearing aids enhance the listening experience of an individual by modifying each of the discrete sections in the sound frequency ranges. The more the channels in a hearing aid, the more capable will the device be to work with more and more discrete sections by dividing the frequency range into smaller parts.

  • Binaural processing - Just as you won’t have a complete and balanced vision if you see with only one eye, similar is the case with our hearing mechanism. If both of our ears are not properly engaged in receiving, transferring and converting sound stimulus due to certain problems in either of them, we would experience an unbalanced and muffled hearing. That means if we use binaural digital hearing aids and if the two are not properly linked, then we would not have a very enjoyable listening experience.

  • Digital noise reduction - Using cheap hearing aids of very poor quality would make you feel annoyed and frustrated in noisy listening situations, such as on the roads or at a busy restaurant, particularly if you are having a conversation with someone. The modern digital hearing aids are quite advanced with noise-cancellation features which would reduce or cancel out the background noises, enabling you to stay focused on speech.

  • Digital feedback reduction - Often the analog hearing aids produced internal feedback sounds due to improper fitting of the device in the ear canal. Choose digital hearing aids which would reduce these annoying feedback sounds.

  • Directional microphones - The hearing aids of today are designed to provide you with more comfort, especially in noisy listening situations. One amazing feature to combat the problem of distinguishing speech in noise is that of adaptive directionality. Digital hearing aids, nowadays, are being updated with more advanced directionality features to help you stay focused on the conversation - no matter in which listening condition you are in.

    The directional microphones in hearing aids enable the user to concentrate on the sound sources they want to, by ignoring or minimising the others which are relatively unimportant. Digital hearing aids can have two or more directional microphones separated by a specific distance. Although the directionality feature allows the listener to focus on sounds coming from the front, one advantage of multiple microphones in hearing devices is that you can even listen to someone speaking from behind.

    To learn more about how directional systems work in ear machine, read our blog on ‘The Concept of Directionality Used in Digital Hearing Aids’.

  • Multiprogram - Digital hearing aids of today are advanced with multiprogram storing capabilities. In other words, it would save your volume and program preferences which you have set in different listening situations.
  • Direct streaming - With the introduction of wireless technologies like Bluetooth and WiFi, life has become so much easier and enjoyable. Wonders happened when these technologies found there way in listening devices as well. There are so many apps that allow you to connect and easily pair your digital hearing aids to your smartphones via the latest wireless technologies. Thus, the hearing devices of this generation can now directly stream your phone calls and music into your hearing aids from your smartphone. This allows your hearing aids to turn into a wonderful pair of stereo headphones! Isn’t that absolutely wonderful?

In a nutshell, digital hearing aids are incomplete without these smart features. Do make a smart choice and live a better quality of life.