There are thousands of myths related to the use of hearing aids. When wearing a hearing aid for the first time, these can utterly confuse the user. The fact is that without damaging the ears, hearing aids can actually save one’s ears by preserving much of the hearing ability. Secondly, as wearing a hearing aid for the first time is also an ongoing psychological process, it may take a little time for the ears (and the brain) to accept the new sound pattern trough the device. Wearing the hearing aid on a regular basis will gradually reduce the discomfort.

Here are 7 most useful tips for all the hearing aid beginners. Read on to know how hearing aids can prove be the best and ultimate companion for life, when worn with proper consultation.

1) Sitting in a quiet room, listen to your own voice by reading aloud to yourself. At the beginning, it is important to rectify the volume of your own voice.

2) Ask others to speak and start communicating with your friends and family. Through the participation in group conversations, you’ll be able to distinguish the different sound patterns.

3) Start getting adjusted to the volume of low sounds (e.g., the rustling of clothes, dripping of water, chirping of birds). These sounds may appear a bid loud at the beginning, the reason is that you haven’t been hearing these low sounds properly for a certain period of time.

4) Switch on the television or music device at home wearing your hearing aid. Turning the volume comfortable, try to comprehend the speech or language properly.

5) Wear the hearing aids for as many hours as you can in a day. If this appears uncomfortable at the beginning, try to increase the number of hours each day, gradually.

6) Try getting accustomed to different listening environments. Wear the device at workplace, classroom, conference or a party. This will take a little time to get accustomed to, but you need to keep on motivating yourself.

7) Try noting down all the unpleasant sounds (sounds that appear as noise) that you hear. This will help your hearing aid expert to adjust or tune the device properly, according to your preference.

Today’s hearing aids are stylish, advanced and are perfect for your fit-active lifestyle. So, without a second thought, make the best use of your hearing aid!