Your hearing aids are not only precious - they are a part of your life! If you are a person who solely depends on these devices for enjoying the world of sounds - then they are an important asset as well! When hearing aids have been so responsibly performing their duties day by day, it is your responsibility too to take care of them. Otherwise, you will lose that wonderful hearing experience you have been enjoying all these days.


How Do I Take Care of My Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are delicate devices - so it is a good practice to clean them regularly, so as to keep them going without fail for many more years! Here are certain tips to effectively take care of your valuable devices -

For BTE (Behind the Ear) Hearing Aids

  • Regularly examine the device for any debris and remove it with a soft brush (specially designed to clean hearing aids) or with a dry and soft cloth.

Cleaning Hearing Aid with Hearing Aid Brush

  • Never use wet hearing aids! If your BTE hearing aids accidentally falls in water or gets wet, immediately remove the batteries and dry each part - especially the earmold and the battery compartment by using a forced air blower or hearing aid dryer (never use a microwave or a hair dryer) to dry up the internal parts of the device. Let it dry overnight, with the battery compartment left open.

  • Never allow humid or moisture to enter into the device - humid is the biggest enemy of your hearing aids! Keep them dry and clean with a soft dry cloth from time to time.

  • Gently remove the earmold carefully - as instructed in your product manual or as advised by your Audiologist. Soaking it in a mild soap solution once a week might help. Never use alcohol or other strong chemicals - as they might damage your device!

  • Replace the batteries regularly, and NEVER EVER use old batteries! Also, dispose of old or dead batteries properly, because they are highly toxic! Store hearing aid batteries in a cool and dry place.

  • Remove batteries when the device is not in use - such as while you are sleeping or while participating in water sports or taking a bath.

Cleaning Hearing Aid with Hearing Aid Air Blower

For ITE (In the Ear) Hearing Aids

While cleaning an ITE model of hearing aid, try applying the following tips -

  • Mainly focus on cleaning the opening parts of the hearing aid - which might have an accumulation of earwax - with a soft bristle brush which is specially designed for cleaning hearing aids (it may or may not be provided with your product - if not, then get one!)

  • If there is anything that couldn’t be cleaned with the brush, then use a wax pick or a hook - which are designed for cleaning hearing devices - to clean inside the holes.

  • Clean the whole device gently with a soft and dry cloth from time to time - to remove debris or other unwanted particles from the case of the hearing aid.

  • Again store batteries in a cool and dry place, and remove them from your hearing aids when you are not using them!


So are you taking proper care of your precious device?