Are you suffering from hearing loss and are delaying auditory checkups or not wearing hearing aids regularly? If so then stop everything now and visit an auditory clinic at once! Don’t put aside your audiologist nor your hearing aids. If you neglect your hearing disorders, then a time may come when you will completely lose your hearing abilities.

We get to hear when the sound waves are received by the eardrum, and are transferred to the brain. These sound waves are then processed in the speech interpretation centre of the brain, and are converted into recognisable language. If, however, the brain stops receiving these sound signals for a prolonged period of time, it leads to auditory deprivation. This means that, if the person is not hearing anything for a very long time, then he or she gradually loses the ability to hear and understand speech and language.

The condition occurs to people who use weak and old hearing aids, or even improperly fitted ones. It also occurs when a person having hearing problems does not get regular checkups or are not willing to opt hearing aids at all. Therefore, you should get your ears checked by audiologists, and get all types of hearing loss problems treated as soon as possible. The longer you delay, the shorter are the chances to prevent auditory deprivation, which has irreversible effects on the patient.

As prolonged delay in hearing loss treatment causes auditory deprivation, there is a gradual increase in the risks of dementia, which is a phenomenon in which the brain loses the ability to think and remember properly. The symptoms include anxiety, restlessness, emotional problems, disturbed mental balance, demotivation, sleep disturbances, speech and language difficulties, trouble in eating or swallowing, abnormal behaviour, memory distortions, and even hallucinations. Dementia is almost an irreversible disease and, therefore, it needs to be prevented. Since auditory deprivation is a cause of dementia, the hearing impaired persons should not delay in getting a hearing treatment done. The key to avoiding auditory deprivation is to keep the auditory system stimulated.

To conclude, do not hesitate in getting an auditory check-up and wearing hearing aids. Nowadays, hearing aids have become so advanced that people would hardly feel that they are having hearing impairments. Modern hearing aids are not only reducing in size, but are also bundled with so many technologically advanced features, that one would love to wear one. So consult your Audiologist today, and step towards taking proper care of your hearing health, as it is an extremely vital part of your life.