Hearing loss is the inability to hear partially or completely in either one or both the ears. Hearing impairment can be temporary or permanent, depending on the type and degree of hearing loss. It occurs when sound signals are unable to reach the brain due to some blockage or damage in the ear. Hearing loss is caused when the threshold level (minimum hearing ability of a person) exceeds 25 dB (decibel). If the treatment of hearing loss is not done on time, it might lead to serious consequences, like social isolation, inability to communicate, delayed language development, stress, anxiety, depression, Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and even Dementia. Hence, one should not delay in getting a proper treatment of hearing loss.

There are certain symptoms that call for immediate help and the person should go for a treatment of hearing loss. If you see the following early signs, then it is probable that you have a hearing loss, which calls for immediate help:

  • Softening of speech and other sounds

  • Sudden loss of hearing, particularly in one ear

  • Difficulty understanding conversation, especially in a noisy environment

  • Difficulty hearing consonant sounds

  • Frequently asking others to slow down, and to speak clearly and loudly

  • Frequently turning up the volume of the TV or radio above the normal volume

  • Refusing to participate in conversations

  • Withdrawing oneself from social gatherings

Hearing Plus, a recognized Auditory clinic, is considered to be providing the best treatment of hearing loss in India. The brand specializes in various rehabilitative services like hearing aid trial and fitting, hearing aid reprogramming, Auditory training, Auditory verbal therapy and speech therapy. Apart from these, it also offers several diagnostic and electrophysiological tests performed by professional Audiologists, both for adults and children (including newborns). The brand also provides surgical services like cochlear implant to persons suffering from severe to profound hearing loss.


If you have these symptoms, it's high time that you must visit a skilled and professional Audiologist and undergo a treatment of hearing loss.

Treatment of hearing loss varies from person to person depending on the type and degree of hearing loss. There are mainly three types of hearing loss, namely Conductive, Sensorineural and Mixed. Degrees of hearing loss are of five types, namely, mild, moderate, moderately severe, severe and profound. Also, based on the age of onset, hearing loss is of two types - Congenital (when one is born with a hearing disability) and b) Acquired (when one acquires hearing impairment gradually in his lifetime). The general steps involving treatment of hearing loss include some diagnostic tests like pure tone Audiometry, Tympanometry, Speech Audiometry, Eustachian Tube Function test, OAE, ABR/BERA, ASSR, and general screening tests. Treatment of hearing loss vary based on the severity of hearing loss, and also on the age of the person. It includes fitting of hearing aids, cochlear implantations and other surgical procedures, medications, various therapies like Auditory verbal therapy, speech therapy and many more. It is, therefore, upto your medical/healthcare professional which treatment would he/she prescribe for you.

Hearing aid devices vary depending on the specific requirements of the patient. They can be of multiple types, serving different functions and can be categorised based on design, the technology used and the features they provide.

Although, no treatment of hearing loss can ever replace the natural God-gifted ear, it has become advanced these days, and people suffering from hearing loss can regain his/her beautiful days of life. Hence, one should not keep oneself away from these hassle-free treatments, and proceed towards improving their quality of life.