Life isn’t very easy for a hearing impaired person due to the fact that he or she has to live with hearing loss for the rest of his or her life. Situations grow even worse, if the hearing loss a person is suffering from is an untreated one. Beginning a proper treatment of hearing loss becomes very important, especially in case of children, as hearing is responsible for the development of speech and language skills, and other developmental skills. There are certain developmental milestones for growing children, which if not attained at the right age, might pose problems for the child in the long run.

Can you even imagine a world without sound? Just like vision, our hearing health is a vital asset of our life. A person without proper hearing abilities can face difficulties in many aspects and fields of life. It might be social, familial, academics, sports, work, emotional and even mental. It’s high time that you should act upon your hearing issues now and begin a treatment of hearing loss, delaying which will make the impacts more severe.

The scenario becomes all the more difficult if you have acquired hearing loss gradually with time, and not hearing impaired from birth. People who are born deaf learn to live their life in a different manner - they live in a world separate from us. We cannot easily intrude into their world, neither can we learn easily how to live life their way. So the best possible treatment of hearing loss is its prevention.

As already discussed, there can be various impacts of hearing loss. However, impacts vary depending on the age of the person. Let us take a look at the various effects of hearing impairment upon children (including newborns) and adults.


Impact of Hearing Loss on Infants

Having a good hearing health is the vital factor for the development of speech, language and other communication skills at the appropriate time. This in turn affects other important developmental skills, such as mental growth, social growth, academic growth, growth of interpersonal skills. If a child is barred from proper hearing treatment, then the child’s way of growing changes, and it might even affect the growth of his/her personality and self-esteem. As a result of which, the child may isolate himself/herself from other people. This might in turn hamper the development of academic skills of the child. Therefore, immediate intervention becomes absolutely necessary to detect any hearing problems present, and as a result an early treatment of hearing loss should be started without any delay.


Impact of Hearing Loss on Adults

In adults, especially those who have acquired hearing loss in his/her lifetime, the impacts can be of a more adverse nature. The most common impacts of hearing loss might include headaches, muscle tension, and increased stress and blood pressure levels. Some studies have linked untreated hearing loss in adults to anxiety, depression, fatigue, social isolation and even impaired memory. Also, straining to listen all the time makes the person frustrated and exhausted. Another serious issue that might happen to a person with untreated hearing loss is Auditory Deprivation. It is a situation in which the brain stops recognising sounds if it does not receive them for an overtly long period of time. This, therefore, affects the mental and emotional conditions of the person, thus increasing anxiety, forgetfulness and other similar psychological issues. As a result of which the person’s work, as well as familial and social life might get hampered.

In short, the quality of life gets affected if a proper treatment of hearing loss is not started on time, whether it be infants or adults. However, always keep in mind, that no treatment of hearing loss could regain your natural hearing health which you have been enjoying for so many years. Always acquire proper preventive measures so as to protect your ears from any harm. Prevention is always better than cure!