Are you still wearing those old hearing aids? It’s understood that they are doing quite well for so many years, and would continue to do so. But are you even aware of the latest technologies that the modern day hearing aids are bundled with? Once you are updated on the latest news of how the world of hearing is changing so drastically, you will be surprised to know that you are much backward in time. When the whole world is rushing forwards, why won’t you? Once you opt for digital hearing aids, you will absolutely fall in love with it!

Before discussing the latest features used in modern day digital hearing aids, let us discuss why you should switch over from old day analog listening devices. While it’s true that some analog hearing aid users are happy indeed, a majority of the world’s population, however, complain of a host of factors that make them literally struggle with these analog devices in their day to day life. If you experience any of the following issues with your analog hearing aids, then it’s high time that you must go for an upgrade -

  • Feedback sounds like whistling or buzzing sounds are often heard from within hearing aids, which is very annoying

  • You are having difficulty understanding conversation in a noisy environment

  • You are having difficulty having a conversation over the telephone

  • Your hearing aids are not working the same way they used to do before

  • Wearing your hearing aids have become tiresome for you

If you are facing problems in all of the above factors, there’s good news for you! The new digital hearing aids are here to eliminate all of your problems! The modern day listening devices are bundled with innovative techniques that have won millions of hearts. Let’s have a glimpse at the latest technologies that the latest digital hearing aids are beaming with -

  • Increased programmability - due to the presence of channels and bands in the digital hearing aids, it allows it to control each separate sound frequency range. This enhances the sound quality of the devices and enables it to deliver crystal clear natural sound.

  • Clear speech - the digital hearing aids of this day can distinguish between speech and noise, thus delivering a clear speech by reducing or cancelling out background noise.

  • Feedback reduction - feedback sounds come from within the devices when they are improperly fitted or have a smaller receiver than the size of the ear canal of the wearer. The modern digital hearing aids have a feedback cancellation feature, enriching the overall hearing experience.

  • Tinnitus relief - if you were frequently suffering from tinnitus or ringing in the ears, the digital hearing aids are here at your rescue.

  • Invisible hearing aids - hearing aid devices have reduced so dramatically in size that they can hardly be seen by other people. Due to this factor, the modern digital hearing aids have the capability to make you forget that you are actually wearing one.

  • Wireless technology - did you ever imagine hearing aids having wireless connectivity technologies? These day listening devices are so advanced that they can be connected to smartphones, audio system, TV, computer via wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and others.

  • Powerful rechargeable batteries - No more do you have to worry about batteries draining out quite frequently, especially while you are on a vacation.

  • More durable and longer lifespan - The digital hearing aids have greater longevity due to their enhanced performance and stronger batteries than their predecessors.

Did you ever imagine that the latest technology of 3d printing could ever be used in the designing of hearing aids? While taking care of so many advanced features, why should the latest digital hearing aids compromise on the design of the product? 3d printing technology allowed the modern listening devices to come in wonderful and bright colours, unlike the previous analog ones which had dull colours. After all, the look and sleek design of the hearing aids matter a lot in giving mental satisfaction to the users.

Are you still wondering whether it would be the right choice to go for digital hearing aids? You may rest assured that you would not regret taking the decision of switching over to digital hearing aids, they are worth your time and money. However, it is strictly recommended to consult your experienced Audiologist before taking any final decision.