Your Audiologist told you or your child to undergo a cochlear implantation surgery, and you are extremely nervous! Afterall the word ‘surgery’ itself evokes a fright in the person’s mind - especially when it's done somewhere near the brain! But the good news is that there is absolutely nothing to worry about, and cochlear implant is not at all a major surgery! In fact, people are often released on the day of the surgery in many of the cases!

You might have come across many myths and rumours about cochlear implants which might have made you all the more frightened! But if you continue to believe in these delusive statements, then you might develop a negative attitude towards them - when in reality cochlear implants are life-changing - you can’t realise in what ways! So would you rather prefer a proper treatment of hearing loss and aim for a better life, or believe in these myths and ruin your entire life!?


What are Cochlear Implants?

Cochlear implants are electronic devices which is surgically implanted in the ear to replace the damaged cochlea in the inner ear. It enables a person with severe to profound hearing loss to hear clearly, which he or she was unable to otherwise. Cochlear implant is recommended only when hearing aids have failed to show much benefits.

Cochlear implants bypass the normal acoustic hearing system, by replacing it with electronic hearing. Cochlear implant as a treatment of hearing loss has proved much more effective preferred to hearing aids, as it enhances speech understanding. Because unlike hearing aids which simply amplify the sound, cochlear implants - by bypassing the damaged inner ear - stimulates the auditory nerve directly.

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Some Popular Myths and Facts

1. Myth - Cochlear implant will replace my natural hearing.


    • Fact - Cochlear implants can never replace your natural God-gifted hearing - in fact no treatment of hearing loss can! Cochlear implants just mimics natural hearing!

2. Myth - Cochlear implants are too expensive!Budget

    • Fact - There are many health insurance companies who cover cochlear implantation surgery. If you say that hearing aids are much cheaper as compared to hearing aids! But if you calculate the overall cost of hearing aids and its associated after sale services, and compare it that with cochlear implants - which are taken just once in your lifetime, the cost become the same! Moreover, with cochlear implantation - being a more effective treatment of hearing loss - you can get a permanent solution, especially when hearing aids fail to work!

3. Myth - Cochlear implant placement involves major surgery!

    • Fact - It is a very minor one, and people don’t even have to stay overnight. Most of them are released within a few hours!

4. Myth - Cochlear implantation involves brain surgery!

    • Fact - Often people think that cochlear implants are imbedded in the brain! No absolutely not! The internal part of the implant is placed behind the ear just beneath the skin, and an array of electrodes are inserted into the cochlea of the inner ear. The sound signals from here are directly transferred to the auditory nerve. The surgeon doesn’t go anywhere near the cranial cavity, where your brain is situated!

5. Myth - There is no problem to wait until my child grows up to make up his own mind to get a cochlear implant.

  1. Cochlear Implant for Children

    • Fact - The first few years of a child is very crucial for developing various developmental skills. This is because of the greater density of neural connections in the brain (synaptic density) till the age of 2 years, hence boosting the child’s ability to learn various skills more rapidly. But if the child is deprived of a proper hearing health, that is, he is living with an untreated hearing loss at this vital age, he might not develop so well later in his life due to the reduction in the synaptic density. Therefore, an early intervention and an early treatment of hearing loss is extremely necessary. It is your duty to promise your child a secured future, and not leave it up to him!

So just go for cochlear implants without hesitation, and if you are still having questions running in your mind, then read the Second Part of our Myths and Facts About Cochlear Implants: (coming soon)