Are you sure that you really are able to hear? Don’t be confused! Make sure that you are able to hear clearly! “Well, of course I can!”, might be the immediate statement that runs in your mind! We understand that you are reluctant to go for a treatment of hearing loss because you feel that you can hear, so why not just make yourselves doubly sure?

 Pretending to Hear

How do I Know Whether I have Hearing Loss?

Try answering the following questions, to check whether you or your loved one is fully able to hear -

  • Are you often straining to understand what others are saying?

  • Are you unable to follow every group conversation that’s going on?

  • Did you fail to laugh at jokes when everyone else is, because you missed all the fun?

  • Are you unable to participate and fully give yourself in debates?

  • Are you even able to follow one-to-one conversations in a quiet room?

  • As a result of that, are you often relying on lip reading because you cannot understand what’s being said?

  • You feel that people are mumbling!

  • You often ask others to repeat themselves!

  • Are you often ignoring phone calls because you are unable to follow?

  • You cannot hear the doorbell or the telephone ring?

  • Are you frequently turning up the volume of your TV or radio more than the normal one?

  • Do you face difficulties in understanding speech while sitting at a restaurant or while at concerts or parties?

  • Do you experience ringing sounds in your ears quite often, especially if you are in a quieter place?

  • Are you missing the natural environmental sounds recently like the chirping of the birds, the rustling of the leaves, the pitter-pattering of the rain, etc.?


If you answered ‘Yes’ to most of the questions above, then you probably have a hearing loss! YES! And you shouldn’t deny that anymore! It’s high time that you must opt for a good treatment of hearing loss.


What will Happen If I Don’t Get a Treatment of Hearing Loss?

You might think that you are okay with an untreated hearing loss, but it is really not so! There are so many complications you will have to face with having to live with a hearing impairment! Social isolation, relationship problems, reduced productivity at work or in studies, misunderstanding with family members and friends - and the LIST IS ENDLESS!

If you continue to pretend that you are able to hear well - these are the consequences that awaits you -

  • Social Consequences

    • The speaker might feel disappointed and even insult you if you fail to answer him/her appropriately!

    • The speaker might feel that he/she is not given attention to!

    • The speaker might feel deceived!

    • If you don’t opt for a treatment of hearing loss, you might want to avoid attending social gatherings and box yourself up in your room, because you cannot follow what’s going on and what’s being said!

    • You might find yourself avoiding calls because you cannot follow the person on the other side!

    • You might unknowingly agree to things which you were otherwise not willing to do!

    • All of the above might lead to a relationship gap, and as a result, your friends or family members might even lose that trust and faith in you!


  • Emotional Consequences

    • If social conditions go on this way for days, and you still do not care to start a good treatment of hearing loss immediately, you might notice that you are gradually getting depressed and frustrated more often than not!

    • You might even notice gradual signs of memory loss, or forgetfulness. This can be a sign of Dementia! This calls for help and a proper treatment of hearing loss immediately!

    • You might get too anxious, or even angry about small issues!

    • You might feel a strong sense of guilt and shame, because you are continuously deceiving your loved ones - and this might destroy your peace of mind!

    • You might feel yourself isolated and boxed up, because you are continuously having to pretend listening!


  • Cognitive Consequences

    • When you are continuously pretending to hear people, a tremendous pressure is created in your brain - which is continuously trying to fill in the gaps in the conversation that you missed! This fatigues the brain and loses its energy!

    • This will result in your brain to compensate for the missed links - which, over time, will form bizarre meanings out of these haphazard links!

So the only solution for all of these problems is to get your EARS CHECKED IN TIME, by consulting a certified Audiologist, and to start a TREATMENT OF HEARING LOSS as early as possible! Delaying will only aggravate these problems!