In this generation of digitisation and smartphones, no one can even imagine a life without technology. Mobile apps are an indispensable part of our day-to-day lives. We know that life isn’t very easy for you with having to live with hearing impairment. To make life more easy-going and flexible for you, researchers and technicians have studies the importance of apps for hearing loss, that would make hearing impaired people feel a lot more relaxed and optimistic.

The benefits of hearing aids today is not just restricted in simply amplifying sounds. Nowadays with such advanced technological innovations, hearing aids can now be regulated with a hearing aid app. There are apps that can manage your tinnitus, feedback suppression, noise reduction. In short, with the help of a hearing aid app, you can customize and fine-tune your hearing device. Life with hearing aids is no longer a burden for you. They are here to make your life so much easier and enjoyable.

Hearing Plus - Hearing Aid App

Today, a hearing aid app can facilitate people with hearing loss and can make his/her hearing experience better and enjoyable. Hearing Plus have come with a hearing aid app that allow you to take full advantage of our various services provided by our expert professionals. The facilities that you can get in our app are as follows -

  • Appointment - here you can book an appointment with us, and we will provide you a time and venue that is suitable for you. You also have the option of both home and clinic visit.

  • Only for You - here you can find special offers on hearing aids and other services that are exclusively for you, and also useful tips about your hearing loss and other hearing related updates.

  • Recent Activities - Here you can view your recent services and appointments which you have made recently in our hearing aid app. This is to keep track of your previous appointments with us and also to ensure that you have a smooth user-experience.

  • Refer Friends - If you like our service, then we would request you to refer Hearing Plus via our hearing aid app to your friends, family members and other acquaintances, who are suffering from hearing loss and are seeking professional help.

  • About Us - Before booking an appointment, you have the right to know everything about us and our various services. Here you will also get answers to your many questions about hearing loss and hearing aids that constantly puzzle you.

  • Request Service - Here you can request appointments for a great range of services provided by us, which include Audiometry/PTA, hearing aid trial, Tympanometry, Cochlear Implant, hearing aid battery, BERA (ABR), ASSR, OAE, Speech therapy and many more.

  • After Sale Request - If you have any issues after buying hearing aids from us, feel free to request for an after-sale service in a hassle-free way in our ‘After-Sale Request’ section of our hearing aid app.

  • Feedback - If your like our products and services, please do rate us and send us a feedback in the ‘Feedback’ section of our app.

  • Contact - You can feel free to contact us anytime at our contact details provided under this section of our Hearing Plus - Hearing Aid app.

Hearing Plus - Hearing Aid App

Now we are just a click away! Calling us is made more easy for you - tap the call button anytime, anywhere in the app, and tell us your queries and issues - leave all the rest upon us.

Feel free to use our user-friendly hearing aid app. All you need to do is to register yourself in a simple procedure, and tell us what you need. Then just wait and watch how we do the rest to serve you better, and to help you to lead a better quality of life.

To download the Hearing Plus Hearing Aid App, Click Here :

Hearing Aid AppHearing Plus Hearing Aid App