Hearing loss has become a common problem in our century, and about 10% of the world’s population today is suffering from hearing impairment. Just in case you are not fully aware of the problem - hearing loss or hearing impairment is the inability to hear either temporarily or permanently, in one or both the ears. You will be surprised to know that about 50% of the hearing problems are caused due to the over exposures to high decibel sounds, and the rest 50% of the causes include ageing, infections, malformations in various parts of the ear, hereditary reasons and other factors.

If you face any hearing problems, then you must not delay in getting a good hearing loss treatment from a certified Audiologist at a recognised hearing clinic. Some people still believe in the popular myth of hearing loss that it occurs only to older people with age. Unfortunately, it is not so as it does not spare the children, and even the newborn babies. So do not sit back relaxed assuming that you won’t be affected by hearing problems until you reach a later age. Consult a trained Audiologist today, as delaying a hearing loss treatment may have make it grow more severe.

It is, however, a good news that a majority of the hearing problems can be treated, if not fully cured. So there is no reason for you to believe that hearing impairment is a life changing catastrophic event. After opting for a proper and correct hearing loss treatment in time, you can get back your hearing ability as closer to its natural effect as possible. Although the modern hearing aids amplify the sounds as naturally as possible, no such treatment exists in which you can get back your natural and God-gifted hearing abilities.

You should never decide anything by yourself regarding matters of hearing loss treatment, as it will only be decided by an experienced Audiologist after he/she has done a detailed analysis of your hearing health. Depending on the severity and type of your hearing loss, your Audiologist will prescribe the appropriate hearing loss treatment for you from which you will be benefitted. You must also be aware of the various diagnostics and treatments available, and they include -

  • Diagnostic tests to diagnose the type and degree of hearing loss, and they include Pure Tone Audiometry, Tympanometry, Eustachian Tube Function Test, Speech Audiometry, BERA, ASSR, OAE and other specialised tests.

  • Rehabilitative treatments include hearing aid trial and fitting, hearing aid reprogramming, auditory training, Tinnitus matching and Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Auditory Verbal Therapy.

  • Surgeries of damaged parts of the ear, and special surgeries like Cochlear Implant that bypass the damaged regions of the Cochlear area in the inner ear.

A hearing loss treatment vary depending on the severity of the hearing problems. Hearing loss is either temporary or permanent. The causes of temporary hearing loss might be some internal ear injury or an infection. It can be treated with cleaning the ear canal, certain medications or injections. Permanent hearing problems are irreversible, and if not given timely attention, may lead to serious consequences. These are caused from various reasons, and can be best treated with hearing aids or cochlear implants, if hearing devices did not provide much benefits.

Regaining hearing back depends upon the choice of the hearing loss treatment. If the right and appropriate treatment procedures are followed, then you can get back most of your normal hearing. If you delay in the hearing loss treatment, then a time may come when your brain will stop receiving the important sound signals, known as Auditory Deprivation. So you need to keep the auditory centre of your brain stimulated. Auditory Deprivation may also lead to Dementia, which includes the symptoms like depression, anxiety, loneliness, confusion, and forgetfulness.

Therefore, it is not at all a good idea to delay getting a good hearing loss treatment even if it is mild and in its initial stage. Also, if your child is suffering from hearing loss, then you must immediately take his or her to a trained Audiologist, as it is the appropriate age to learn communication skills. If a child is deprived of hearing abilities, then he or she might face problems in learning speech and language skills, and as a result of which, other developmental skills might get affected as well. Therefore, get a proper hearing loss treatment without delay, as it is foolish to sit back and endure your problems in silence.