The world is full of interesting facts- some are not yet explored. If you ever use a microscope to look inside the ears, you’ll be amazed to see how the ear is constructed and how it functions. Ear, the small sensory organ in our body has multiple layers inside with different functions apart from hearing. Here are some amazing facts about the ears and hearing that will surprise you for sure. Scroll on to know the 15 facts about hearing that perhaps you have never heard before.

1. The tiniest bones in the human body are located in the ear. These are the middle ear ossicles, termed as- incus, malleus, and stapes (also called anvil, hammer, and stirrup).

2. Earwax does not require cleaning unless there is a disease or an abnormal condition. Our ears automatically push out the excess wax as needed.

3. Human ears comprise of 3 sections- termed as the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. Each section has different functions.

4. Some species do not hear with ears; snakes hear with jawbones, male mosquitoes hear with the antennae and fish can hear as they respond to pressure changes.

5. Ears have functioned more than just hearing; ears are responsible for keeping our body balance.

6. When asleep, our ears can hear but it is the brain that ignores the incoming sounds.

7. Approximately 360 million people in the world are suffering from significant hearing problems and require immediate hearing loss treatment.

8. The topmost cause of hearing loss is due to the excessive use of headphones and mobile phones.

9. Wearing headphones for only an hour can increase the ear bacteria by 700 times.

10. Sudden exposure to explosive noise or extremely loud sound can damage the ear permanently.

11. Tiny hair cells deep inside one’s ear are responsible for hearing. If one loses these hair cells, he or she might lose hearing.

12. The size of the ear canal (the outer ear passage) varies from individual to individual and it keeps growing throughout the lifetime.

13. Sound waves travel at the speed of 770 miles/ hour or 1,130 feet/ second.

14. Generally, the hearing ability of sound frequencies in dogs is much higher than humans.

15. Listening to music in-front-of the speakers at a rock concert can damage hearing only in 7.5 minutes.