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Hearing Aids Online - Things You Must Consider Before Purchase

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 8:15:25 PM Asia/Calcutta

The Internet has lately emerged as the first and foremost marketplace for people around the globe. It offers them the necessary discount, convenience and the comfort of shopping that they had always longed for. Needless to say, it is a major boon for consumers around the world and helps them to get the necessary product that they are looking for. But wait, are you planning to use the Internet for buying your hearing aids!!!

What You Should Know Before Buying Hearing Aids Online?

If that is in your mind, then here are few points that you must consider and pay attention to before making a purchase:

  • An aid for your ear is a complex and customized medical device and not just a sound amplifier.
  • Equipped with digital technologies, these devices need to be set according to the personal hearing requirements of the individuals. It is set accordingly by the audiologist.
  • Before buying the device, you need to pass through an adequate audiometric test conducted by the professional clinics. Making a purchase without a comprehensive test might not contribute efficiently in hearing.
  • The settings which are required by this device might become difficult for the audiologists to alter according to your needs if it is bought online. It might require you to send the product back to the manufacturer asking them to make the necessary change in the product that will suit you. This would simply result in a chaotic situation for you, where you have to go without the aid for some time.
  • In order to help you to perfectly get acquainted with your new device for hearing, the audiologists provide their professional assistance through reprogramming, counseling and support sessions which might go missing if you plan to get the device from online stores.

Reasons Buying Hearing Aid Online Is Not A Good Idea

  • Every individual require hearing aid which perfectly fit in their ear. One size is not for all. The size differs from person to person and thus the aid must be selected very wisely. Opting for the device from an online shop may not bring to you the exact size that you require.
  • Loss of audition is a major health issue. It needs proper and comprehensive check-up by the specialist and the use of any kind of medication or device might be considered only after a thorough consultation with the doctor or audiologist. When you decide to get the device online, you are left with no specialist guidance or consultant to rely upon and this might fuel the further loss of your hearing ability and your money as well.
  • With proper consultation and analysis at a professional clinic, you will get to know that hearing aids alone may not be enough for improving your auditory ability. The audiologist may recommend hearing aid accessories or assistive listening devices if it is deemed necessary to improve your hearing ability.
  • It is always wise to get an aid if and only when it is recommended by a professional after an in-depth analysis and check-up of your ear. Just going for the look, design, and shape of the aid will not bring the desired outcome.

What To Do If You Face Trouble In Hearing?

If of late, you are experiencing tremendous trouble in listening to the sounds around you or require the people around you to repeat their words or sentences while they are conversing with you, then it’s time for you to see a professional audiologist. Thorough diagnosis and analysis of your condition help the audiologist to establish the level of hearing deficit and to determine the method of treatment which is apt for your condition.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration or FDA has strongly recommended a visit an Audiologist before buyin or through any other platform.

There are certain websites which promise to help you get the right kind of audiometric test before you decide to get the hearing aid for yourself. But relying on these websites is a critical task to undertake. The online screenings or test of hearing cannot exactly tell you the cause of hearing loss. It is always advisable to visit an audiologist physically and undergo a reliable consultation service which will inform you whether your hearing is normal or not.

Hearing Aids Online Does Not Guarantee Accurate Hearing Tests

Accuracy is what matters the most when it comes to audiology tests. A professional clinic is equipped with sound features and characteristics which guarantee the individuals to get their tests done efficiently. These diagnoses are conducted in sound-proof rooms with the use of special earphones and equipment that meets the international standards of the industry.

The online screening sessions lack the sound proof rooms and the equipment are also not up to the mark to the industry which mostly comes up with an inaccurate result.

The audiologists begin the session with a thorough discussion which includes details about the lifestyle of the individual, medical history, listening needs and any other concerns that might trouble you. This will help them to determine the special features that the hearing aids require.

Different Tests Performed By The Audiologists:

The audiologists perform several tests to determine and analyze the level of the hearing impairment in an individual. These tests include:

  • An Audiogram which is used to record the types and degree of hearing loss and it gauges the level of how well you can hear the soft tones at different pitches.
  • Speech testing is a way through which the professionals get to measure how well you can hear and understand the speech in quiet and noisy environments.
  • Loudness discomfort testing measures your ability to tolerate the loud sounds across different pitches. It helps the audiologists to set the hearing aids so that the loud sounds do not become uncomfortable for you.

After the successful completion of the various level of testing, the professionals sit with you in order to discuss the results of the tests. The discussion informs you about your hearing loss, its causes and what you can expect from the hearing aid or other treatment that is recommended for you.

Comments | Posted in Hearing Aid Clinics In India By Phalguni Bannerjee

All You Need To Know About Your Cochlear Implant Surgery

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 7:15:21 PM Asia/Calcutta

Cochlear implant surgery has become a very common medical procedure worldwide. The operation is used as a corrective procedure for severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss in patients. The decision for the medical procedure is taken by parents or legal guardians for children and by the adults themselves.

The cochlear implant surgery is a 60 – 75 minutes procedure and it is carried out in the outpatient department. Before the medical procedure is conducted by a surgeon, a general medical history of the patient is drawn. This medical history also includes the issues leading to hearing loss and the ultimate decision to undertake the surgical corrective measure.

A complete otolaryngologic and neuro-otologic test are carried out to ascertain the different issues with your ear first. A typical test would be conducted by an audiologist who will measure the performance of your ear with or without your hearing aid. Sometimes OAE (optoacoustic emission) testing reveals the need to undertake trials with a stronger hearing aid than being currently used by you.

In case of children, pure-tone audiometry and auditory brain stem response (ABR) testing is done often. A CT scan is used to obtain the status of the cochlea in order to identify a common cavity, mondini dysplasia (enlarged vestibular aqueduct) or a patent (nonossified) cochlea.

In several circumstances, an MRI is conducted on patient to determine the presence of the eighth nerve or severe ossification. Then a psychological examination is conducted on the patient to see if the patient can cope with the surgical procedure of cochlear implant.

Once clearance from other tests is given, a physical test is conducted to prepare the patient for cochlear implant. After the cochlear implant procedure is conducted the patient may feel the following:-

  1. pressure or discomfort over his (or her) implanted ear
  2. dizziness and  nausea
  3. temporary disorientation or confusion
  4. a sore throat for a while from the breathing tube used during general anesthesia

A person suspecting problems of hearing loss should contact any hearing aid clinic in India. These clinics provide a one stop shop for all your hearing issues and have sufficient infrastructure, relevant professionals and testing facilities all under one roof sparing you the hassle of running around the city from one place to another. The hearing aid clinics in Kolkata are currently using more advanced machinery and testing facilities. These hearing aid clinics are no less well equipped than clinics for hearing aid in Delhi.

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