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Fit Yourself with The Right Digital Hearing Aid and Be Confident In Life

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 7:08:02 PM Asia/Calcutta

The recent development of variant technologies has created numerous advantages and disadvantages in modern society. Quite definitely it creates an ambience which enhances on making people inclined to such devices quite adequately. Well, here is a discussion about such an invented medical gadget that allows creating dependence on need. The growing pollution rates on sound, air, and water is damaging human existence at a slow pace. It was researched that these three elements in the cosmopolitan world are somehow playing the role of slow poisoning to humankind. Here we will be talking about the Digital Hearing Aids. The requirements of such a device, and about the dependency that it has created.

Save Your Ear From Being Damaged

Olden days had a saying which stated that aged people face problems like hearing loss. But in recent years, this issue has also been noticed within mid-aged people and also in some cases; even children are affected by such issues. The present state of the environment often sets a child to get a prone hearing issue since birth. Often there are huge blasts or some sudden bombastic noises which can make a person lose his or ears. In fact, it has also been found that crackers take away the ability to hear almost by 20% every year.

Hearing Issues Have No Age Bars

With all these cases, it is required for you to know the right way to deal with such issues. On an advanced note, there are perceptions that some problems never have solutions. Well, previously one having hearing issues had nothing to depend on. In fact, there were very fewer medicines that worked on such cases. But the advanced medical science has allowed inventions that make people rely on having alternatives if they fall short of an issue. There are solutions which can make you believe that you can live with much comfort and with security.

Save Yourself From Feeling Embarrassed

Well, you might be thinking what is the device that is being about? Yes, it is nothing other than the Digital Hearing Aids which help you in acquiring the sound ability that you have lost. It is a boon to the problem that is growing rapidly among all age groups. Its configuration helps in assisting people to get focused on the conversation they listen along with any background music or noise on the go. Its existence has helped people of all age to save their miscommunication and embarrassment in public.

Knowing About Its Design And Configuration

Now there can be a question like, how can you carry such a bulky machine when all day and night along with you. But, with the knowledge of assisting people to have a comfortable life, the designers have looked into the fact that they are as small as possible and also as simple as required. This two feature makes all categories of people enjoy the bliss that it brings to a person who is about to lose her or his ears. The entire set up is wireless and has batteries which make it hassle-free and also allows people to maintain it with ease.

Types Of Hearing Aids

The advanced Digital Hearing Aids are accessible in an assortment of plans so you can pick the ideal hearing answer that suits your way of life. These include:

    • Invisible listening devices –

      As by the name goes, this device is virtually invisible and is fitted carefully in the ear trench. It has all the functions and also enhances on assisting people with the hearing issues.

    • In-ear portable hearing assistants –

      These are small and can be customized as per the patients need for having an enhanced listening ability.

    • Behind-the-ear portable hearing assistants –

      The virtually seen portable Digital Hearing Aids make its place just in the outlines behind the ear. The slim layout makes it appear sleek and also sophisticated by design.

    • Bluetooth portable amplifiers –

      Ability to stream music or make calls remotely from your telephone.

    • CROS listening devices –

      This is a special aid that is designed to help people with hearing misfortune in one ear and regular capability of hearing in the other.

With the availability of such designs, you get to set yourself relieved. No longer do you need to stay tensed being unsure about the statements made in public or at the house or even at work.

The Modulated Designs

The present designs of Digital Hearing Aids have been the best ones till far, all the installations, designs and configurations have the worldwide system of master audiologists. This has helped in spearheading advanced hearing answers for the suffering patients. Computerized innovation empowers to make viable answers for an extensive variety of hearing troubles and tweak portable amplifiers to your particular necessities. Advanced portable hearing assistance furnish you with a more genuine to life sound than at any other time, enabling you to perceive and help discourse over foundation commotion and consequently modify their volume relying upon nature you are placed in. The smooth, lightweight computerized hearing arrangements can be fitted serenely in or behind your ears and can be coordinated to your hair shading or skin tone with the goal that you can bear on carrying on with your life to its fullest.

Purchasing With A Knowledge

Getting focused on the designs the Digital Hearing Aids have their prices. With a notification, different brands also have different prices, and in accordance, you need to place them. Thus, keeping these things in mind, you have to coordinate with the hearing aid clinic for a fair price. You can purchase them online, or from the definite stores which will avail you with affordable price. The clinics which will help you installing the aid with their professional can also provide you with coupons that can assist you with discounts in the process. In fact, often there are sales in the different brands that can also help you in the process. Thus, choose your designs as per the comfort, lifestyle and need. The second proposition is to maintain it with a good effort as these can last for quite long. Unless they have configuration problems or you mishandle them badly, they may also last for the rest of your life with the right fuel on time.

Music to the Ears: How musicians can keep their sense of hearing protected

Monday, October 30, 2017 7:36:39 PM Asia/Calcutta

The ears are precious to a healthy and normal lifestyle. But for a musician, it is the womb of his creative self. With hearing problems, a musician’s life can be thrown in the doldrums in an instant. It is the foremost responsibility of a musician, be it professional or amateur to take important steps in keeping the ear and sense of hearing protected for a long and safe career. Here are a few ways how!

Clean your ears regularly

One common problem is ear blockage due to the production of excess earwax or cerumen. It may also happen if the ear wax is pushed further down the ear canal. While we have all grown up with our mother’s scolding us to get our ears cleaned with the good old ear-bud. Audiologists advise against it. Use of earbuds may damage the eardrum or cause infections. In some cases, it does more harm than good, when the ear wax is pushed further down the ear canal instead of removal. All Hearing Plus – hearing aid clinic India have professional audiologist to guide you regarding this issue.

Play at lower decibels

It’s simple. With the advent of electric instruments and improvement in amplifier technology, more and more musicians are experimenting with music that is played at very loud decibels, sometimes over a hundred decibels, which can even cause permanent hearing damage among other hearing problems. Some musician’s hearing disorder, solely arise from loud playing and can be prevented with controlled volume levels. Some Indian hearing aid clinics like Hearing Plus, work closely with musicians to come around these problems and spread awareness about ear and hearing care among the musician community. Like our grandparents used to say, “Prevention is better than cure.” especially if your ear is at stake and you are a musician.

Be protected at jamming sessions

Recently an independent musician walked into one of our clinics in Kolkata with a severe ringing sensation in his right ear. Since music was his bread and butter, he was in absolute agony both physically and mentally. Initially, what was thought of being a case of tinnitus, turned out to be a strain in the ear-drums. This happened because of continued exposure of loud music in enclosed space, typical of the spaces musicians use as jam-pads. While you cannot ask a musician to completely avoid practice, especially since these are the only spaces they can freely jam in, hearing aid clinics in India are asking musicians to use ear-plugs or at-least block it with some cotton to dampen the strain that jamming in enclosed spaces cause. It is important to be protected at jamming sessions to keep away hearing problems.

Visit an audiologist regularly

Like athletes visit the gym, musicians should make it a habit to visit an audiologist regularly. This will help keep the various hearing problems away. It is important for musicians to know and understand that most musician’s hearing disorders are easier prevented than treated. And musicians need the care and access to the best in hearing care to help them cope with the strenuous schedule and requirements and keep their hearing sense safe. This is why Hearing Plus one of the best hearing aid clinic in India who takes this seriously and has worked with leading experts to help musicians find the best in hearing care. So if you are a musician in India and are facing hearing problems and have no clue which Indian hearing aid clinic you should visit for help, look no further than Hearing Plus.

Comments | Posted in Hearing Aid Clinic In India By Phalguni Bannerjee

Knowing Presbycusis & Tinnitus

Monday, October 30, 2017 7:50:52 PM Asia/Calcutta

Hearing loss may occur due to various reasons. Old age and exposure to high decibel sound are very common factors that naturally lead to hearing loss. It is to be considered that hearing loss is progressive in nature, increasing with time. However, taking proper care and precautions can delay the damage and preserve much of the hearing in both factors.



What is Presbycusis?

Hearing loss due to aging is termed Presbycusis. It is the cumulative effect of aging on hearing. Presbycusis, one of the most common causes of hearing loss, is also the second most common illness in aged people (next to arthritis). Presently, one out of three aged persons (above age 65) across the world are affected by it. Presbycusis is a sensorineural hearing loss that results from the degeneration of the inner ear auditory nerves and cochlea. In Presbycusis, hearing loss is generally marked or identified at higher frequencies. Hearing loss in old age caused by factors other than normal aging is not Presbycusis.

Most Common Symptoms of Presbycusis:

- Muffled hearing

- Need for increased television/ audio devices volume

- Difficulty understanding speech sound

- Difficulty hearing telephonic voice

Diagnosis & Management: To diagnose Presbycusis, an audiologist conducts hearing screening or multiple hearing tests to determine the type and degree of hearing loss. Since Presbycusis is a sensorineural hearing loss, it cannot be cured completely but can be managed with hearing aids. When worn with proper guidance, hearing aids can improve hearing in old people.




What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus refers to the buzzing in ears or hearing sound when no external sound is present. Patients affected by Tinnitus often describe the sound as ringing, buzzing, roaring, hiss or clicking. Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom resulting from multiple causes. Noise induced hearing loss is the most common cause and other causes are ear infections, Meniere's disease, disease of heart, brain tumors, ototoxic drugs, head injury, stress, depression and earwax. Patients affected by Tinnitus are prone to depression.

Most Common Symptoms of Tinnitus:

- Noise in the ears/head

- Continuously hearing ringing, buzzing, roaring sound

- Difficulty in hearing

- Depression

Types of Tinnitus: The two types of Tinnitus are Objective Tinnitus and Subjective Tinnitus. In Objective Tinnitus, the buzzing sound can be heard or detected by other people and in the later, the sound can only be heard by the affected person. Subjective tinnitus is more frequently found and is caused by ear infection, drugs, neurology or otology.

Prevention & Management: Tinnitus can be prevented with precautions like wearing earplugs, avoiding excessive exposure to loud sound and avoiding ototoxic drugs. Generally, in most patients, Tinnitus occurs in association with hearing loss. After the diagnosis, it can be maintained with habituation therapies. Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT), Tinnitus Masking, hearing aids etc. are most widely used to control Tinnitus.

Comments | Posted in Hearing Aids By Phalguni Bannerjee

5 Most Fashionable Hearing Aids to Match Your Style

Monday, October 30, 2017 8:07:45 PM Asia/Calcutta

Gone are those days when hearing aids were considered to be bulgy and unsightly; the reason for most of the people not wanting to wear them. Today, you have hearing aids that can amp-up your fashion quotient. Whether you wish to show them off or hide them depends upon your style. You have a plenty of options in hearing aid design, from the trendy ones to the invisible ones. Here are some of the most striking designs that you are surely going to to fall in love with.


1. Go With the Trend: Hearing aids can be worn to raise a fashion statement! Keeping the youngsters in mind, a range of hearing aids is now available in trendy prints and bright solid colours. One can choose from mesmerising designs like leopard prints, geometric patterns or cool neon shades. The collection is huge and one can get them customised too!


2. Keep it Simple: Instead of going for the typical BTE hearing aids, one can choose from the in-the-ear or in-the-canal hearing aids. These aids are mostly painted in beige hue so that these can blend well to the skin tone. These hearing aids are apparently less visible than the conventional BTE aids and yet can make the user feel absolutely comfortable while wearing them for the entire day.


3. Studded Hearing Aids: Hearing aids can be worn like a piece of jewellery! These advanced hearing aids are studded with Swarovski crystals and one can confuse them with a piece of earring. This exclusive range of hearing aids is technologically advanced too and comes with multiple attractive features.



4. Invisible Hearing Aids: The latest technological advances in hearing aids have made it possible for one to completely hide the device inside the ear canal. These in-the-ear hearing aids are absolutely tiny and discreet. Packed with boundless features, these IIC hearing aids have made the other styles of hearing aids almost obsolete.


5. Designs For Children: There are adorable designs in hearing aids for your little one too! Nowadays, paediatric BTE hearing aids are available in floral designs, animal shapes and cartoon theme. Wearing them behind the ears looks like hair pins worn just above the ears. Your little one will no more dislike wearing a hearing aid as these will match their fashion and mood.

Comments | Posted in Hearing Aids By Phalguni Bannerjee

7 tips for the hearing aid beginners

Monday, October 30, 2017 8:21:00 PM Asia/Calcutta

There are thousands of myths related to the use of hearing aids. When wearing a hearing aid for the first time, these can utterly confuse the user. The fact is that without damaging the ears, hearing aids can actually save one’s ears by preserving much of the hearing ability. Secondly, as wearing a hearing aid for the first time is also an ongoing psychological process, it may take a little time for the ears (and the brain) to accept the new sound pattern trough the device. Wearing the hearing aid on a regular basis will gradually reduce the discomfort.

Here are 7 most useful tips for all the hearing aid beginners. Read on to know how hearing aids can prove be the best and ultimate companion for life, when worn with proper consultation.

1) Sitting in a quiet room, listen to your own voice by reading aloud to yourself. At the beginning, it is important to rectify the volume of your own voice.

2) Ask others to speak and start communicating with your friends and family. Through the participation in group conversations, you’ll be able to distinguish the different sound patterns.

3) Start getting adjusted to the volume of low sounds (e.g., the rustling of clothes, dripping of water, chirping of birds). These sounds may appear a bid loud at the beginning, the reason is that you haven’t been hearing these low sounds properly for a certain period of time.

4) Switch on the television or music device at home wearing your hearing aid. Turning the volume comfortable, try to comprehend the speech or language properly.

5) Wear the hearing aids for as many hours as you can in a day. If this appears uncomfortable at the beginning, try to increase the number of hours each day, gradually.

6) Try getting accustomed to different listening environments. Wear the device at workplace, classroom, conference or a party. This will take a little time to get accustomed to, but you need to keep on motivating yourself.

7) Try noting down all the unpleasant sounds (sounds that appear as noise) that you hear. This will help your hearing aid expert to adjust or tune the device properly, according to your preference.

Today’s hearing aids are stylish, advanced and are perfect for your fit-active lifestyle. So, without a second thought, make the best use of your hearing aid!

Comments | Posted in Hearing Aids By Phalguni Bannerjee
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