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Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids: The Downsides

Saturday, July 27, 2019 7:42:14 PM Asia/Calcutta

You may be facing hearing problems for quite a long time now and are willing to buy hearing aids from your local shop to do away with the day-to-day problems you are facing. You might think that it would solve your hearing problems at once, but you will be surprised to know that it won’t work that way.

After actually wearing your devices you may have already realised that you were wrong! You need to be very cautious and have to consider so many things before you buy hearing aids. You can’t just go to a shop and buy any random hearing aid machine to solve your hearing issues. You would eventually give up on your hearing aids and stop wearing them altogether, thus building a negative notion about hearing devices.

You might ignore your hearing problems thinking that it is a normal part of aging. But wearing any hearing aids won’t solve your problem. Let’s see why -

  • You don’t know which hearing aid would suit your hearing needs because you simply don’t know what is the intensity and the type of hearing loss you are suffering from. You need to consult an Audiologist and get your hearing tested to know about the type and degree of your hearing loss.

  • If you buy hearing aids without the consultation of a professional Audiologist, you won’t know which is the right device for you.

  • You may think of buying cheap hearing aids to cut down on the costs, but in the long run, you would end up spending more.

  • If you buy hearing aids from local shops you won’t get the after-sale services like reprogramming, adjusting and auditory-verbal therapy or AVT. AVT is required for understanding speech better with your new hearing aids.

  • Wearing poor quality hearing aids won’t be a proper treatment for your hearing loss problems. It would rather start deteriorating your hearing abilities.

  • Risk of cognitive decline and Dementia is higher if you wear hearing aids that won’t suit your hearing needs.

Don’t go for over-the-counter hearing aids. Buy digital hearing aids or opt for other hearing loss treatment options.

Hear better and stay healthy!

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FAQs About Hearing Aid Batteries

Monday, March 19, 2018 7:21:50 PM Asia/Calcutta

Whether you have come a long way using hearing aids, or a new hearing aid user, it is very important for you to have every information regarding hearing aid batteries. But if you are thinking of buying one, then it is absolutely necessary to know every detail about the product you are going to live with your entire life. Do not haste while making such a vital decision - a single mistake might turn into a serious blunder. Therefore, it is always better to think and act wisely.

As mentioned earlier, before you buy hearing aids, it is very important to know everything about their batteries. Batteries are very delicate objects that need proper care and maintenance. The overall performance and the sound quality delivered by a hearing aid depends entirely upon the quality and strength of its batteries. Here are some common questions asked by hearing aid users or prospective hearing aid buyers worldwide -

  • What is the battery life for a hearing aid?

Ans. - A typical hearing aid battery lasts between 5-14 days, depending on the capacity, the type of the battery and the usage of the hearing aid device.

  • When is it time to change hearing aid batteries?

Ans. - If you often experience distortions in sound or you are having to frequently turn up the volume more than usual, then it is high time that you must change your hearing aid batteries. It is advisable to carry hearing aid batteries always with you whenever you go outside your home; it is because batteries often drain out all of a sudden. Some hearing aids, however, make a small beeping sound to indicate that they are weakened.

  • Is it harmful if I do not remove batteries when they are not in use?

Ans. - It is always advised to remove your batteries always when you are not using your hearing aids, such as at night or while you are taking a bath. Putting them on when you are not using it will shorten their lifespan and weaken them soon.

  • Which is the best place to store batteries when not in use?

Ans. - Your Audiologist might have advised you to store batteries in a case provided with the product, in a cool and dry place. Also, keep it safely, away from water, and away from the reach of children. Always refer to your product literature for other product-specific instructions about the storage of hearing aid batteries. If, however, you are out for a tour, and have to carry extra hearing aid batteries, then the best place to carry them is in your bag or backpack after putting them inside a tight container. However, keep in mind not to place them near coins, pins or other metal objects, to avoid discharging them.

  • How many types of hearing aid batteries are available?

Ans. - There are various types of hearing aids sold by different brands, having different strengths. The lifespan of a battery depends on its strength. There are mainly four sizes of hearing aid batteries available, which come in different colour code indicators. These are -

  • Size 675 - Colour code: Blue, Lifespan: 9-20 days

  • Size 13 - Colour code: Orange, Lifespan: 6-14 days

  • Size 312 - Colour code: Brown, Lifespan: 3-10 days

  • Size 10 - Colour code: Yellow, Lifespan: 3-7 days

  • What factors to consider while buying hearing aid batteries?

Ans. - As obvious, you must always check the expiry date of the battery. However, one more important thing to notice while you buy hearing aids batteries is that you must check that the seal is not broken. It is because an unbroken seal might start to discharge the battery. Always go for unopened packages.

  • How to increase the longevity of my hearing aid batteries?

Ans. - First of all, prevent moisture from entering into the battery doors of our hearing aids. Moisture is a fatal killer of hearing aid batteries. Always keep open the battery doors of your hearing devices and keep them in dry kit box when they are not in use. This will help moisture to escape from within the device. Also, always wash your hands properly before changing batteries, to avoid discharging them. Also, grease and dirt might damage them. As mentioned earlier, store batteries in a cool place.

  • Is it necessary to perform battery tests?

Ans. - Perform battery checks regularly using battery testers provided with the product (you may buy from outside if not provided). Your Audiologist or your product literature will give you instructions regarding performing a battery test. It is to ensure that your battery is in good working condition.

In a nutshell, you must learn everything about the product you are planning to purchase. Just as you research before you plan to buy hearing aids, similar is the case while buying hearing aid batteries. A single decision can change your life - it is upto you whether you turn it into a positive or a negative one.

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10 Tips for Buying Hearing Aids

Saturday, February 24, 2018 3:45:07 PM Asia/Calcutta

Hearing aids are very delicate devices that have the capability of transforming a hearing-impaired person’s life completely. The right selection of hearing devices is, therefore, extremely necessary. A single decision can change your life entirely. So it is up to you which side of the coin you are really trying to achieve.

Health professionals dealing with hearing problems always suggest the patient undergo thorough check-ups before arriving at a conclusion. However, no decision should be taken without consulting a certified and skilled Audiologist. Your Audiologist is the only person who can best understand which treatment would suit you the best. A hearing-impaired person should always remember that no two person’s hearing treatments would be the same, even if they have the same hearing problems. Therefore, it is always advised to consult experts before you buy hearing aids.

You must visit a recognised clinic to get a hearing check-up, even if you do not experience any hearing problems. Following are certain secrets that you should keep in mind before you buy hearing aids for yourself or for your loved ones:

  1. Check whether you are getting good customer services - If your hearing aid store provides customer professional services, including after-sale and home services, then go for it.

  1. Never buy hearing aids that are cheap - Cheap hearing aids would not make your hearing better; it would rather do the reverse. Always consult a certified Audiologist before buying one.

  1. Always check whether the brand you are buying from is trustworthy or not - If you buy hearing aids from an unknown store, you might not get good aftercare services, which you are really going to need.

  1. Check whether your device is providing you with good battery back-ups - It is a very essential quality to check before you buy hearing aids, as it will promise you with a tension-free life. You would not have to worry about batteries draining out frequently.

  2. Check the warranty period of your listening device - If the brand you are buying from does not promise you to give good warranty periods, do not go for it at all.

  1. Always remember to check the performance and sound quality of your hearing device - If you buy hearing aids that compromise with the overall performance of the device, do not even give a second thought of buying it.

  1. Your listening device must be durable enough -  If you are sure that your hearing aids would last long enough, without having to worry about frequent breakdowns, then just go for it. It is the most important factor that would drive you to buy hearing aids, of course after consulting with your Audiologist.

  1. Look for technological advancements in your hearing device - With so many changes around you in the fields of technology, you must not sit back. Change is always better for a brighter future - just go for it. Check whether the device you are buying is a digital hearing aid. There is nothing that today’s advanced digital hearing aids cannot do. So just go forward and buy hearing aids that would make you forget about your hearing problems - and this is the most important feeling you would always crave for, being a hearing impaired person.

  1. Binaural hearing aids is always better - Have you ever seen a person wearing glasses just in one eye? Similar is the case of hearing aids. If you think you can wear hearing aid only in the poorer ear, and not in the better one, then you would be making a blunder. If you do not wear your devices in both the ears, then you would not have a sense of direction. For example, while you are on the roads, and suppose you are wearing hearing aid only in the left ear, and suppose if a car comes from your right side, you will be able to hear the honking in your left ear. This would give you the impression that the car is coming from your left side. This will prompt you to move to your right side, from where the car is actually advancing. This is very dangerous, and it might even lead to dangerous accidents. Therefore, it is always advised that you should buy hearing aids for both of your ears, of course after consulting your experienced Audiologist.

  1. Last but not the least, you must also check whether the device you are going to buy would be user-friendly - Good hearing aids are built with an innate capability of adjusting itself to the environments you prefer the most. If your device is not flexible enough to use, and do not adjust to your sound surroundings automatically, then do not buy hearing aids of that manufacturer at all.

To sum up, it is not at all a good idea to buy hearing aids on your own, without consulting a professional Audiologist. Once your Audiologist chooses the best hearing treatment for you, it would be good for you to follow it without any further delay. It is the matter of your health, and without hearing life is unimaginable!

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Hearing Loss Treatment- Ideal for Confining Hearing Impairment

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 8:38:12 PM Asia/Calcutta

There are several instances around the world which prove that the hearing issues are explicitly common and is faced by a large number of people. As the prevalence of the issue is becoming too widespread there are certain aspects of this problem which needs to be understood by everyone, the first being the reason which causes hearing impairment among people of different ages.

Let’s take a look at some of these reasons which very often makes people isolated from their peer group and their society as well.

Reason of Hearing Loss Among Children:

  • Infection During Pregnancy
  • Injury At Birth
  • Premature Birth
  • Other Health Conditions
  • Frequent Ear Infections
  • Viral And Bacterial Infections
  • Head Injury
  • Exposure To Loud Noises

Reason of Hearing Loss Among Adults:

  • Inherited From Parents
  • Acquired From Illness
  • Intake Of Ototoxic Drugs
  • Exposure To Loud Noise
  • Tumors
  • Aging Process
  • Head Injury
  • Tinnitus
  • Otosclerosis
  • Acoustic Neuroma
  • Presbycusis

Symptoms of Hearing Loss:

The reason or the causes which affect the hearing ability of an individual might differ from each but there are certain symptoms which clearly indicate the problems faced by the individuals. These symptoms can be summed in the following points:

  • Muffling of speech and other sounds
  • Withdrawal from the peer conversations
  • Avoiding social gatherings and get-togethers
  • Facing trouble in understanding words
  • Losing ability to differentiate between background and foreground noise
  • Listening to Radio, Music or watching TV in a very high volume
  • Asking others to speak slowly but loudly

Being some of the common symptoms, these points clearly indicate the need and support of a professional in order to restrict the problem at its initial stage. Seeking immediate attention ensures that the hearing ability does not deteriorate to a further level. The professionals make sure to offer you the support that would definitely ensure to help you get a good hearing experience from the beginning itself.

Solution That Helps In Restoring Lost Hearing Ability

Before defining the solution that will help to rehabilitate a person with hearing impairment let us understand the different types of hearing loss:

Basically there are 3 major types of hearing loss:

  1. Conductive Hearing Loss
  2. Sensorineural Hearing Loss and
  3. Mixed Hearing Loss

Although, the factor behind hearing impairment may vary from person to person due to their age, geographic location or physical condition, the treatment for problems of every level is easily available in the modern market- thanks to the advanced technologies! At Hearing Plus we are proficient in providing treatment of hearing loss of sensorineural origin.

Opting for a hearing loss treatment is a good and ideal solution to detect, analyze and impede further deterioration.

Flowchart of the treatment of Hearing Loss of Sensorineural Origin in Hearing Plus:

hearing loss treatment

Being socially conscious about one’s image and reputation, people used to restrict themselves from visiting a specialist for their hearing issues, but as the trust develops between the patient and the professionals (audiologist), the restriction and inhibition gradually fades away.

By providing years of trustworthy services to its patients, Hearing Plus have emerged as a significant hearing clinic whose utmost concern is patient satisfaction and contentment. The specialists and professionals (audiologist) of this clinic ensure providing best quality rehabilitative services to their patients to make them feel safe and secure.

A large number of audiologists and specialists are sharing their ideas and views about the issue and are encouraging people not to ignore hearing problems as it might lead to several other ranges of issues further in their life.

The cost of these treatments is also lowering down significantly and is becoming affordable for many people which again contribute to the popularity of the treatment. The more you tend to ignore your hearing issues, the more you have to spend money on your treatment and thus it is advisable that you ought to consult a consultant as soon as you start facing minor issues in the hearing.

Effective Hearing Loss Treatment to Heal Hearing Damage

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 8:33:10 PM Asia/Calcutta

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has stated that hearing loss is the third most common issue affecting the adults nowadays. Unfortunately, most of the sufferers refuse to treat it because they feel going to an audiologist is embarrassing.

Medical community has come up with several effective solutions. Some of the hearing loss treatment are described in detail in this blog. Are you ready to learn more?

Sensorineural Hear LossTreatment

Permanent hearing damage is mostly caused by sensorineural hearing loss. If you’re one of them, then the time has come when you should seek for a hearing aid.

When the inner cells of your ear get damaged, it results into sensorineural hearing issue. In case, the condition is not improved with the help of a hearing aid, you may need a cochlear implant.

Conductive Hear Loss Treatment

Building up of earwax overtime leads to conductive hear loss. This type of hearing damage is curable and is temporary. A perforated eardrum also sometimes leads to issues in hearing. Experts can help you immensely by finding out the cause and thus will suggest remedy accordingly.

People suffering from this problem can be treated with a medicine or surgery. However, your specialist is the only person to decide which type of treatment should be carried out.

If the condition has not taken a serious turn, antibiotics are prescribed to deal with ear infections. Many ear drops are also available to dissolve the earwax fully.

Role of Hearing Devices

Hearing aids assist the wearer to hear the sounds surrounding him or her. The sounds when they get in the device are then processed. Once the sound is amplified, it starts to release signals into the ear. Consequently, you will get a completely customized hearing experience.

A great majority of centres of hearing loss treatment in Kolkata offer both types of hearing aids namely, analog and digital.

Analogue Hearing Aids

Presently, analogue hearing aids are not much in use. It works by changing the intake sounds into electrical signals. These signals are then amplified by the device so as to feed them properly back into the wearer’s ear.

Many analogue hearing devices are designed in a way that they can distinguish a deafening noise from a tolerable one. Due to this advancement, it has gained the ability to decide which sound needs amplification.

Digital Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids are manufactured to ensure quality hearing. Its automatic programmers eliminate the need to push a button to adjust the programs. These devices are more effective because it can completely eliminate the feedback of the environment.

Concluding Lines

Don’t expect that your auditory device will restore your hearing ability. Instead, it will improve your communication ability gradually by amplifying the sounds it has absorbed.

The medical advancements taking place almost every day has opened new ways of treating the hear loss if diagnosed early. It’s better not to delay visiting a hearing aid clinic in your locality in case you have issues with hearing.

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