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Hearing Plus understands the requirements and needs of the individuals and patients suffering from hearing impairment and hearing loss. They take all effective measures and use modern techniques in order to help the people to strengthen and boost their hearing senses and to enable them to hear everything clearly.

Pure tone audiometry is a significant hearing test that is used by the doctors in order to identify the level of hearing threshold of an individual. This test enables the doctors to determine the degree and type of hearing loss that the person is suffering from, thus, helping them to get the basis for diagnosis of the patients. The test is used on the adults and children who are old enough to co-operate with the procedure of the test. It relies on the response from the patients to the pure tone stimuli and thus is highly dependable and trustworthy test that is used by doctors from all around the world.

At Hearing Plus, we understand the requirements of the market and aims to meet the significant demand of the industry and thus render the best of the services to our clients in order to help them to get the best solution available for treating their hearing related problems and issues.

We ensure to take the help of the best of the equipment and meet the ISO standards along with developing a well-tuned calibration of the test environment. With all this available in out premise we are always ready for the tests of our patients. We help our clients to learn and to unfold the modern techniques and technologies which are available in the market for their benefit. In the world of hearing treatments, PTA or Pure Tone Audiometry is a highly effective measure and is regarded as the gold standard for assessing the hearing loss in the individual.