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Why Purchase when you can RENT!?

Facing a budget shortfall? Unable to bear the cost of technologically advanced hearing aids, but at the same time, they are an immediate necessity? Hearing well through the most advanced hearing aids available should not be a pressure on your budget! Hearing Plus for the first time introduces the wonderful provision of rented hearing aids at a very minimal price to help people suffering from hearing loss lead a better quality of life. While we are here, nobody will have to suffer and live with the difficulties faced due to hearing impairment! So ENJOY THE JOY OF LISTENING to this beautiful world - when money can no longer be a barrier when it comes to preserving your hearing health.

Will I get all the Rehabilitative Services?

Yes you can! While giving hearing aids at rent at a very reasonable price, we make no compromise while rendering rehabilitative services - which include:

 Hearing Aid Trial and Fitting

 Hearing Aid Reprogramming

Also, we do not compromise in the quality of hearing aids we provide on rent. We offer the most updated and technologically advanced hearing aids in our rented hearing aids program. We have a wide range of the top quality and state-of-the-art digital hearing aids - with a variety of International brands to choose from.

What other Facilities will I get?

Taking hearing aids at rent has now become more hassle-free with our -

 Easy Payment Methods

 Minimal and Easily Affordable Monthly Charge

 Free Hearing Test and Diagnosis performed by Certified Audiologists

 Regular Follow-up Visits

 No Maintenance Charge Separately

 Upgrade to the latest trends anytime

So why wait when you can get the best-in-class digital hearing aids at rent? Now SAVE MONEY and HEAR BETTER!