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Speech Therapy requires clinical treatment by speech-language pathologists in order to train the suffering individuals with speech, voice or language related difficulties. The specialists housed at Hearing Plus helps the people to overcome their everyday challenges. Pathologists and audiologists with experience in the industry are housed at this platform in order to understand the problems faced by individuals and to find out the issues in their speech, language and communication.

The specialists come up with structures and scientific therapy that offers training to the individuals to overcome their issues and to get rid of their communication impairment. The speech impairment is a common problem which is found in every sixth person in the world, it affects both children as well as the adults. This disorder is assessed, diagnosed and treated efficiently by the specialists who prevent the disorders related to speech, language, voice, swallowing, cognitive-communication and fluency in speech.

There are varied ranges of speech disorders that are treated efficiently and wonderfully by the professionals of the industry. These include:

  • Early Intervention
  • Delayed Speech
  • Dysphagia
  • Voice Disorders
  • Speech and Sound Disorders
  • Dysarthria and Aphasia

According to the Indian Speech and Hearing Association (2010) the speech language pathologists are defined as qualifies and skilled professionals who offer a wide range of comprehensive professional services that is used to identify, diagnose and manage the communication and swallowing disorders in a person. Having such professionals in our platform we have established ourselves as a leading destination for all the individuals suffering from speech impairment.

Being a clinical professional platform, we at Hearing Plus ensure that our pathologists are equipped with the right kind of techniques, technologies and updated equipment and tools that help them to assist the patient in the most effective manner.

There are wide range of professional activities that becomes mandatory for the specialists to perform in order to help the individuals to overcome their problems quickly.