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Types Of Hearing Aids

Hearing issues are most common in nature in the modern days among individuals of all age. There are several ranges of technologies and equipments available in the market that helps the people with hearing impairment to enjoy their life excellently. At Hearing Plus, we understand the requirements of our clients and give them the access to large number of equipments that enables them to improve their hearing sense.

There are several types of hearing aids which are available in different sizes, features, shapes and styles that you can avail with as per your requirements and necessaries. These equipments are a miniature system of amplification which proves to be very helpful and is an essential tool that is used for mild to severe hearing loss. The key parts of this system include:

• A microphone • An amplifier • A miniature loudspeaker (also known as receiver) • A battery

The demands for this machine vary from individual to individual. Understanding this, we at Hearing Plus deliver the best range of products which have been invented for the benefits of the patients. We deliver various types of aids that include the following:

In-The-Ear (ITE)

This aid sits entirely within the ear and is used for mild-to-severe hearing loss. These aids are extremely popular among individuals who are adults and in their young age and don’t want to bring their impairment to the forefront.

In-The Canal (ITC)

As is suggested in the name, this hearing aid is fitted inside the canal of the ear and helps the individual to enjoy efficient hearing.

Completely-In-The- Canal (CIC)

These aids fit entirely within the ear canal and use small components. Using this aid you can be assured that only the tiny removal handle of the aid will be visible on the outside.

Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

This is used for all types of hearing loss from mild to profound. Sitting behind the ear, these equipments are typically more powerful than the ITE hearing aids.