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About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is the inability to hear partially or totally in one or both ears. When hearing threshold or the least hearing ability of a person is over 25 dB (deciBel), then it can be termed as hearing loss or impairment.

  • 10% of the world population suffers from hearing impairment
  • In India, 65.5 million people suffer from hearing disability
  • Hearing Loss has been identified as the 2nd most common years lived with disability (YLD) in India
  • In India, 7% children are born every year with hearing disability
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About Hearing Loss

*World Health Organisation, National Sample Survey

About Hearing Aids

A hearing aid amplifies sound for people with hearing impairment. The device varies in size,from larger ones that fit behind the ear, to tiny ones that fit inside the ear canal.

  • BTE
    BTE - Behind the Ear Hearing Aid

    Behind the Ear

  • RIC
    RIC - Receiver in Canal Hearing Aid

    Receiver in Canal

  • ITC
    ITC - In the Canal Hearing Aid

    In the Canal

  • ITE
    ITE - In the Ear Hearing Aid

    In the Ear

  • CIC
    CIC - Complete in the Canal Hearing Aid

    Complete in the Canal

  • IIC
    IIC - Invisible in the Canal Hearing Aid

    Invisible in the Canal


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