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About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is the inability to hear partially or totally in one or both ears. When hearing threshold or the least hearing ability of a person is over 25 dB (deciBel), then it can be termed as hearing loss or impairment.

  • 10% of the world population suffers from hearing impairment
  • In India, 65.5 million people suffer from hearing disability
  • Hearing Loss has been identified as the 2nd most common years lived with disability (YLD) in India
  • In India, 7% children are born every year with hearing disability

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About Hearing Loss

*World Health Organisation, National Sample Survey

About Hearing Aids

A hearing aid amplifies sound for people with hearing impairment. The device varies in size,from larger ones that fit behind the ear, to tiny ones that fit inside the ear canal.

Hearing Test Simulator

Hearing Test Simulator

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