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About Hearing Plus

About Hearing Plus

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Hearing Plus is an organization that provides services to those who are suffering from speech and hearing impairment. It is an organization run wholly and solely by professional Audiologists who are trained to diagnose and treat individuals with hearing problems. Hearing Plus houses more than 30+ professional audiologists working under one roof.

Owned by the Bengal Speech and Hearing Pvt. Ltd., which is in operation since 2006, Hearing Plus provides an array of diagnostic tests to analyse individuals with hearing loss both for children and adults. Presently, Hearing Plus owns its dedicated centres not only in Kolkata, but also across several districts of West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar & Assam.

With avant-garde technology and instruments equipped in all the centers, Hearing Plus specialises in providing rehabilitative services to individuals with hearing problem which includes – hearing aid trial and fitting, cochlear implantation, auditory verbal therapy and speech therapy. Patient satisfaction is our utmost concern.

What Makes Us Different

  • We believe in the concept of the 'We' rather than 'I': We believe in the collaborative team work in unison rather than in isolation.
  • Our Commitment: Initiated in 2006, we started with only one clinic and then went on to operate pan India within a span of 9 years.
  • Our Dedication: Undertaking client satisfaction as our utmost concern, our back office team is working incessantly to provide uninterrupted support & services to all our clients.
  • Our Innovation: We have revolutionized the speech and hearing industry with our ingenious strategies and procedures. We believe we will continue to initate new strategies to reach our vision.
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Hearing plus centers

Bengal Speech and Hearing Pvt. Ltd., the mother concern of Hearing Plus is growing at the rate of 100% every year and we aim to maintain this growth rate for the next upcoming years. With the growth, our main hurdles will be qualified manpower (because there are only 2000 registered qualified professional Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists at present in India and the ratio of a professional to the patients is approximately 1:500000). In order to provide ample manpower for the treatment of individuals with speech and hearing impairment, we are planning to develop our own professionals by opening a college of our own. The second most important hurdle is the lack of awareness among patients as well as general masses. Hence, we are planning for an awareness program through mass media, social media, training, CME’s, street plays, animated movies and many more initiatives.

Mission & Vision


Hearing Plus aims to provide dedicated and international quality rehabilitative services to all those individuals suffering from speech and hearing impairment by qualified audiologists under one roof at an affordable cost all over India.


We would like to serve the 25% of the total hearing & speech impaired population of India.

Chairman's Speech
Somenath Mukherjee

Somenath Mukherjee

Hearing Plus – A brand owned by Bengal Speech and Hearing Pvt Ltd aims to provide dedicated and quality services to those individuals who are suffering from some sort of hearing impairment. It extends its services to individuals, who are deprived of this basic human need because of their auditory disability.With a mission to eliminate ‘quacks’ from the field of speech and hearing, Hearing Plus came into existence as Bengal Speech and Hearing clinic in the year 2006 on 15th August. As with other hearing aid centre chains in India, the ‘uniqueness’ of Hearing Plus lies in the fact that this organization is wholly and solely run by professional audiologists who are trained during their graduation and post-graduation courses at reputed universities in India on the treatment of hearing impaired people. Hearing Plus has the privilege of having 30+ professional audiologists working under one roof.

Though they all belong from a diversified background, with one thing in common, i.e., all have at least obtained a 4 years degree in audiology and speech language pathology. Thus, Hearing Plus is dedicated to provide state of the art technology and efficient professional consultation to those people who are suffering from hearing impairment. With its headquarters located in Kolkata, we are offering our professional help across India through our Hearing Plus centres. All our Hearing Plus centres are equipped with the latest equipment to do all kinds of diagnostic hearing assessments and management for both children and adults. Our excellence lies in our service delivery. We believe our relationship starts with our clients only after when a service has been delivered. 

As a commitment to the senior citizens of our country, we have numerous service facilities for them. In the coming years, we are planning to expand our services to the length and breadth of India. Hearing Plus believes in creating a bond with our clients that will last for a lifetime. Because you are there we are there. We look forward to get your association and blessings in order to accomplish our mission.

Somenath Mukherjee

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    Global Healthcare Excellence Award

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    Genius HR Excellence Award

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    ET Bengal Corporate Award (Highest Job Creator)

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    The Bengal Entrepreneurship Recognition (First Runner Up)

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    TIECON Award

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    BCCI (Enterpreneurship Recognition)

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    SME Award

  • Hearing Plus Foster Sulivan

    7th Annual India Healthcare Excellence Awards

  • Hearing Plus Fastest Growing Company

    ET Bengal Corporate Award (Fastest Growing Company)

  • TIECON Entrepreneurship Award

    TIECON Entrepreneurship Award (Emerging Star of Bengal)