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Hearing Aid Price in India
Hearing Aid Price in India

The hearing aid price in India ranges from around Rs 3000- Rs 2.5 lakhs, depending upon the make, style and signal processing technology used in the hearing aid. It is not that the more expensive one works better. As far as hearing aids are concerned, it is prudent to get one that suits your needs best and you are most comfortable with. Other than basing their judgement of quality on the hearing aid price in India, people also make few mistakes while buying hearing aids that are really not necessary. Here are four such mistakes that people make while buying hearing aids in India.

Choosing a Hearing Aid based on the Style and look of it

See… a hearing aid is not a style statement. No one dreams of wearing a hearing aid. While one could definitely choose stylish hearing aids, it is advisable to keep in mind that at the end of the day the purpose for a hearing aid is to help you get rid of your communication problems. So make sure you pick hearing aids based on what problems you face, rather than just the look and feel of it.

Expecting Instant solution to all your hearing problems

Hearing loss takes years to manifest. It never occurs overnight. Similarly, you will not be able to solve all your hearing problems in a single day. There is no such magic. You will have to provide enough time for your ears to co-ordinate with your brain and let it train to help you hear better and understand what is being communicated. Just like a prosthetic leg, it takes practice for the body to get accustomed to it. Give it time. Wear it regularly and be patient. It takes time but that’s a surer solution to your problems than otherwise.

No post-fit evaluation after getting a hearing aid fit

It is extremely important for you to go for post-fit evaluation tests to make sure that you have the right hearing aids. A professional will never be able to make that decision for you as he or she doesn’t know what you are hearing.

After a couple of weeks of adjusting to the new hearing aids, make sure that you get an evaluation done post-fitting. These evaluations include verbal exercises at conversational level in a hearing test booth. Computerised tests include placing a microphone in your ear and/or check via a computer to see if your calibration is done right. At the end of the day, no one , regardless of experience can ever hear what you hear, without proper evaluation.

Focusing on the hearing aid price

Like already mentioned earlier, it is not about how the hearing aids look or what kind of features it has that will solve your problem. Hearing aid prices in India depend on various factors like the technology used, features etc. Some hearing aids have smart technology and in-built programs that self-adjust levels to give you the best sound in a particular surrounding while others simply amplify the sound to make it loud. The price of hearing aids also includes professional charges of the professional or consultant. So instead of solely judging the quality of the hearing aids based on the hearing aid’s price will not help. Instead trust an experienced Audiologist who will suggest the right hearing aid for you.